Will French crime series Lupin return for more episodes?

Here's everything we know about the future of the drama

Lupin has become the most-watched non-English series on Netflix, and it's not hard to see why.

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The French-language crime drama is a modern take on the Maurice Leblanc tales of Arsène Lupin, a fictional gentleman thief and master of disguise, and has been praised by fans and critics alike for the way it balances humour, mystery and emotions. 

Fortunately for fans, it has been confirmed that the series will be returning for part three. But what will the new series be about and when can viewers expect to see it land on the streaming site? Here's everything we know...

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WATCH: Lupin part two is now streaming on Netflix

When will Lupin part three be released?

To coincide with the release of Lupin part two earlier this month, Netflix set up a site in the name of Lupin's main character Assane Diop that revealed to visitors that the series will be back for new episodes. The homepage of the site reads in both French and English: "Assane is always one step ahead. Lupin will return for a part three."

Lead actor Omar Sy later confirmed the news in a tweet that read: "We can't hide anything from you. Lupin part three is confirmed."

Omar Sy has confirmed that Lupin will return with new episodes

As for when the new episodes will land on Netflix, a release date hasn't yet been set but it is possible that viewers could see it added to the site before the end of the year. Part one came in January, and was followed six months later by part two in June, meaning that a December release for part three is possible - but we'll keep you posted!

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What will Lupin part three be about?

Many fans are no doubt be desperate to find out what happened following part two's cliffhanger ending, which saw Diop find himself one step closer to taking down morally bankrupt businessman Hubert Pellegrini.

In the finale, Diop managed to get Pellegrini to admit to framing Diop's father and having him killed, so he could claim a huge insurance payout. The series ended with Diop sending the incriminating confession to Youssef Guedira before fleeing in a boat on the River Seine.

Lupin part three will see Diop continue his mission of vengeance against Pellegrini

It's likely that part three will pick up on Assane's journey to bring down Pellegrini - and hopefully see bring him to justice once and for all.

What are fans saying about Lupin?

There's no doubt that fans have been loving Lupin. The French series has proved so popular that its ratings (around 70million) make it a strong contender to rival the likes of Netflix heavyweights Bridgerton and The Queen's Gambit.

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Many have taken to social media to say they had watched the whole of part two in one sitting and were desperate for more episodes. "Finishing #Lupin in one sitting! What an incredible show," one fan tweeted. Another said:" The best series I've ever watched. Got through part two in one day. Recommend it to everyone, it's honestly class."

A third person gushed: "Not overreacting, but Lupin might be the best TV show I've ever seen... Part two ended so so well. I'm in love with this show."

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