Fans are pretty divided after watching Netflix's new horror The Devil Below

Have you watched the film on Netflix?

Brand new Netflix movie The Devil Below seems to be getting a lot of views recently and is sitting comfortably in the top ten shows and film on the streaming platform.

But it seems that despite many subscribers tuning in to the tense new film, fans seem to be pretty divided on their verdict.

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Taking to social media, many expressed how they thought the film was "terrible", while others were more forgiving. One person tweeted candidly: "I love a good bad film, but my word #TheDevilBelow might be the worst film I've ever seen. My sympathies to anyone involved."

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Another fan was in agreement, writing: "How do film makers get money for movies like #TheDevilBelow? When the script sounds like it was written by a child? Like. Really."

A third added: "#TheDevilBelow is easily the worst movie so far this year. Just horrible!" Ouch!

However, others were impressed by the movie, which was released earlier this year. One positive response from a fan read: "Ok that was a good movie it reminded me of Descent when those women went into that cave and all those creatures was in the depths like it was hell #TheDevilBelow."

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What did you think of the film The Devil Below?

Another wrote: "Watched this on @netflix last night wow what a movie, in fact one of the best movies I've seen on there for ages - it's a sort of base under siege thing including nods to Alien - The Quiet Place - loads of John Carpenter! #TheDevilBelow check it out!!" As a third agreed, adding: "This one is interesting so far! #TheDevilBelow."

The Devil Below stars Alicia Sanz, Will Patton and Jonathan Sadowski, as well as X-Men and Narcos star Adan Canto.

The film's synopsis reads: "When a team of researchers tries to find out what started a fire in a coal mine, they quickly discover that the disaster is anything but natural." 

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