Netflix’s You season three reveals first trailer and release date - and it’s sooner than you think! 

Penn Badgeley stars as the show’s lead 

The serial killer couple are back! Netflix has announced that the popular series You will return on 15 October 2021, and has released a new teaser trailer alongside a series of new snaps to celebrate the very exciting news! 

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The teaser trailer shows a clip of a ‘welcome baby’ cake being baked with blood-red icing, as Joe can be heard saying: “People these days will name their kids anything to get attention and despite your mother’s background and your glam-ma’s determination to refer to you as Forty Reincarnated, I know better. 

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WATCH: You season three's first trailer is here 

"A boy is not what we expected, and I would be lying if I said the thought of a mini-me was surely exciting, and not without challenges. Let's just say I'm hoping you'll do as I say, not as I do. But, for you, I can change. I'll be the man you look up to. A man you will be proud to call dad.”

Joe is back - and this time he has a baby

He concludes by revealing the name of his baby with Love, who we discovered was pregnant in the season two finale. He said: “So, what to call you? A name that's strong, but not intimidating. Classic, but not basic. Literary, of course, because you will grow up in a house full of books. Henry. Choosing your name is the first of a lifetime of decisions I'll make to give you the best life possible. To protect you. To shape who you will become. Who are you going to be?"

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Fans were delighted by the first look, with one writing: “The way he cuts the cake right at henry's name is so disturbing,” while another added: “The fact that he’s with someone crazier than him is blowing my mind.”

The season two finale saw Joe and Love move to the suburbs 

A third person added: “Oh my God. Got a strong Dexter’s vibe in this trailer! The voice-over, the trickle red ‘blood’ sauce, the unexpected (?) dad-to-be scenario, the consciousness of wanting your child to be better than you despite you being a killer.. Can’t wait to see how it actually pan out in the series.” 

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