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7 films and TV shows to watch if you loved Squid Game

Shows and films to watch while we wait for news on season two!

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Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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If, like most of the world, you binge-watched Netflix smash hit drama Squid Game in a matter of days then worry not, we have put together some excellent alternatives that we think you will love. From gory horrors to games where everything is at stake, here are our top picks…

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Battle Royale

Squid Game has been largely compared to this hugely popular 2000 Japanese drama, and it’s easy to see why. In Battle Royale, a class of unruly teenagers are dropped onto an island and instructed to kill each other until there is one victor left, who will emerge victorious and have their life spared.

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Of course, it also has a huge helping of gore, but the excellent storytelling makes watching it from behind your fingers worth it.

battle royale

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Based on the novel by Lauren Oliver, this Amazon Prime Video series follows a group of teenagers who take part in the annual Panic competition with the hopes of winning the life-changing $50,000 cash prize. Unfortunately, it also means putting their lives on the line. Heart-pounding stuff!


The Hunger Games

Based in the dystopian world of Panem, the capital city Capitol punishes citizens of districts one to 12 for former uprisings and keeps them in line by holding a tournament in which two children from every district are placed in an arena and forced to fight for their lives in a televised event in a murderous reality show.

hunger games

Alice in Borderland

This Japanese thriller follows friends trapped in an abandoned Tokyo, who are forced to play a series of dangerous games in order to receive ‘visas’ and avoid being killed.  The series was released back in 2020 but has been trending on Netflix following the success of Squid Game. It will also be bringing out a second series, so watch this space!

alice boderland


Let’s play a game… the super gory, terrifying Saw films see a group of strangers kidnapped and placed into room, where they are given tasks in order to survive from the mysterious Jigsaw. Spoiler alert, these tasks usually end with them being horribly injured or dying. Watch at your own peril!


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My Love from the Star

Fancy watching more about Korean dramas, but could do without the horror or gore element? Try a rom com instead! My Love from the Star was a smash hit when it was first released back in 2013, and follows a vivacious actress who disrupts the life of her next door neighbour, not knowing that he is actually from another planet – and just months away from being able to go home after being trapped on earth for hundreds of years.

My Love from the Star

Boys Over Flowers

Another Korean rom-com classic is Boys Over Flowers, which follows Jang-Di as she unwittingly receives a scholarship to a private school, and instantly gets on the wrong side of Jung-Pyo, the school’s wealthiest pupil is something of a Harry Styles figure to Jang-Di’s classmates. We’ll leave it to you to find out what happens next… 

Boys Over Flowers

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