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Exclusive: FBI International star Vinessa Vidotto breaks down Vo's actions and what comes next

fbi vinessa vidotto
Rebecca Lewis
Rebecca Lewis - Los Angeles
Los Angeles correspondentLos Angeles
13 April 2022
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FBI: International fans saw Vinessa Vidotto's character Cameron Vo try to help an old friend on Tuesday, only for her to willingly break international law in the process—and as the newest member of the Fly Team, that may not have been the smartest idea, as continues to try to gain the team's trust and prove her loyalties.

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The hit Dick Wolf show is Vinessa's first big network TV role, and Hello! spoke to her to break down what Tuesday's episode means for Vo next, her processes as an actress, and what other show she'd loved to crossover with…

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Early on in the episode we see Vo breaking international law and engaging with Thorpe - why does she do this, especially when she is still the newest member of the team?

Vo is not one to warm the bench.

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She was chosen to be on this fly team, she knows what she brings to the table, and at the end of the day, everyone has people they love and care about and the lengths they’ll go to honor that is a reflection of admirable loyalty.

But also, she’s got a lot to prove and how can you learn if you don’t make mistakes and as you saw at the end, she rectified them.

fbi international

FBI: International airs on CBS

Vo has a lot of learning curves this episode, how will this incident change her moving forward?

Do I think she's going to be careful for a little bit? Oh yeah, she was in the hot seat for a while!

But honestly, she’s not gonna shy away for long. That’s not who she is, that’s not the standard for this type of job—it’s all about taking risks and whether they’re right or wrong, you can’t just sulk and be consumed by all of all the possible outcomes, you have to move forward and make those tough decisions.

This job requires decisiveness and Vo knows that.

Which character would you like to see Vo connect with more in season two?

Jaeger all the way. Vo really admires her and as the viewers saw in episode 13 ‘Snakes’ when we arrive in Jaeger's homeland, Vo attempts German in hopes of impressing her.

You know, Raines, Kellett and Forrester have all had some nice scenes with her, but Vo has yet to go on a mission with her and I think that duo would be really cool.

fbi international vo

Episode 16 saw Vo break international law

This was a big episode for your character, as an actress how do you prepare for this moment? 

I nearly treat it like any other episode; the first read of the script is a read through and I create a bubble map on my ReMarkable, (a hybrid between a Kindle and iPad).

This process helps me clearly capture each character so that as I continue to read I can refer back to the map and add new characters, descriptions and relationships to other characters and it really helps me to remember who is who, because it’s generally difficult to remember all these names that you see on a page for the first time!

The second read is a skim through where I mark all my lines and tab them, and the third is the most thorough read. I create a timeline that breaks down each scene; whether I’m in that scene or not, ‘what we do', ‘where we go’, ‘who me meet', ‘what we learn’. This structure makes it easier for me to see and organize in my head so that I know what information we know so far or don't know, where we’ve come from and if we move from there.

I will also google terms, phrases, technical things that I don’t know and add them there as well.

fbi international vo left of boom

And it left her team struggling to trust her

Then I prioritize the scenes that require more attention whether it’s emotionally driven or heavy, whether the lines are technical or whether the lines involve action. As I begin getting ‘off book’ I’ll practice in my apartment, while I’m walking, in my trailer, during transport, in the greenroom, whenever or wherever.

And as shooting begins this entire process becomes a daily thing of rereading moments before, referring to my bubble map, the timeline and the script. I also like to listen to music that will help me get into that specific mood, for example, if I need that confidence to be a badass or seductive, flirty and sexy, I’ll listen to music that makes me feel that way.

What can you tease for the rest of the season?

Chapters coming to an end and new ones beginning. Forrester's relationship with his mother continues to expand, whether that’s good or not, you’ll have to see.

Kellett also goes through her personal things with her own mother and you can see that her personal life influences her perspective on some cases.

vinessa vidotto

The show films in Budapest

This is your first major network role, how did it feel to get the role,and why did you want to join a Dick Wolf show?

I was on my lunch break for my waitressing job and I went to eat at a Vietnamese restaurant. Next thing you know, I get the call from my manager and he asks if I’m, 'Ready to throw my apron in their faces?' He told me I booked it and I just completely broke down in the restaurant, ugly cry face and all, no shame.

A lady in the booth in front of me came over and asked if I wanted her to call 9-1-1!

I honestly need to go back to that restaurant and ask if they have the surveillance video from that day! I think it’d be really nice to have.

I wanted to join this Dick Wolf show because in all honesty, Vo is the perfect character for me at this point in my life and I couldn’t be more grateful. Though Vo is much more resilient, smart and unabashedly confident, sometimes sassy, she and I are very similar. We both are new to the ‘the game’ with a lot to prove, learn and earn, but we're both figuring life out as the 20-somethings that we are.

fbiinternational cast

Vinessa got the call while on her lunch break

I will say, her personal life is still quite mysterious to me, so as the seasons go on I’m really curious to see what each episode reveals about Vo and all of our characters. I couldn’t have asked to have embodied a better character than Ms. Cameron Vo herself. I have to thank Dick Wolf and everyone involved in this project for their consideration and belief in me! And as long as the fans and viewers love FBI:International, I will run with this baton until we’ve hit every nook and cranny of Europe.

The Dick Wolf universe all crosses over - which show would you like to see Vo part of and why?

I'm going to have to go with the OG, FBI. I want to experience the energy of this well oiled machine. For Vo and I, it’ll be refreshing and a great experience to work with another team, because again, she’s got a lot to learn from these guys and what better way to garner top tier experience than to fly under the wings of the OG!

But you know, Vo’s gotta play fair, I think they could learn a few things from how we do it in Budapest. I think a crossover like this would allow for some fun, healthy banter between us!

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