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Slick and sexy, modern yet vintage: 2012's hair trends for men

We take a look at some of the designers' autumn-winter styles

November 16, 2011
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Sporting the perfect haircut isn't just a question of skill with the scissors: when it comes to deciding which style to opt for, you need to know how to choose the one that will flatter your face and  features – without losing sight of what's 'in'.Autumn is a perfect time to consider a change, leaf through the fashion magazines and catwalk photo galleries, and put yourself in the hands of your stylist.This season, you'll find chic and innovative cuts that push the envelope of the classic male styles, so why not take a chance on a new look for your locks?


The trend is clear this autumn: the return of a sophisticated style with strong side partings and deep waves over the forehead that takes its inspiration from some of the most stylish vintage screen successes.Trendsetters and fashion bloggers are looking to the Hollywood stars of the Fifties and Sixties for inspiration, and coming up with elegant business styles such as those featured among the guys in the award-winning TV series Mad Men.If you like to appear without a hair out of place, you'll be glad to see the short sleek look is well on-trend this season.Forget bed heads and unkempt manes, and think Clark Gable and Gregory Peck: suave and sophisticated, clean and cared for.Gel or pomade gives a flawless finish with a healthy shine and keeps everything under perfect control.If the sleek, slick looks are too stiff for your taste, add a little volume for an instant classic free style that adapts to all situations, from the daily routine of the office to an informal dinner. Teamed with the right outfit it can even work well to add a casual note to evening style.The key to success: keep it light and don't spend too long over marking the wave on the forehead.If you're looking for a style that's youthful but sexy and sophisticated, the long fringe comes into its own. Keeping the hair clipped short at the nape of the neck, and allowing it long in the front, a slightly angled cut will add volume at the top of the skull

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