Mel C shows off new feather tattoo

Former Spice Girl Mel C has shown off a new tattoo.

The singer took to Instagram to unveil a feather that had been woven into her famous barbed wire inking that wraps around her whole arm.

"New ink," she captioned the shot, a close-up of her looking down at her inking.

Mel, whose full name is Melanie Chrisholm, now boasts 12 tattoos. They include a dragon on her right leg and a Japanese symbol on her right shoulder.

In a recent interview, she admitted that she regrets some of her inkings.

"Something I think, 'I hate that one, I wish I could get rid of it,'" she said. "The first one I ever got was the band around my arm, it's just so very 90s, it just looks really dated."

The star, 40, considered getting the tattoo removed but realised she had become too attached.

"When I saw myself photographed and they were airbrushed out, it just looked so odd, they're very much a part of me so I've grown to love them," she said.

"I'm a bit indecisive. The laser treatment is painful and expensive; you may as well just leave it."

Mel recently opened up about having conquered her fear of food.

The singer has adopted the 80/20 diet - which means she watches what she eats from Monday to Friday, but indulges herself at the weekend.

"I've learnt not to be afraid of food," Mel told the Mail. "I have my 80/20 rule where through the week I try to be healthy — and then at weekends, I'm a lot more relaxed, especially in front of (daughter) Scarlet.

"My downfall is crisps and lager, but they're usually reserved for weekends."

It is not the first time that Mel has spoken about the impact having a child has had on her diet. In the past she said that having Scarlet, now five, "saved" her.

"When I was in the band I hardly ate and I exercised obsessively as I was so focused on my weight," she admitted. "As my bump grew, the more proud I became of my body and suddenly I felt more comfortable eating healthy."

Now, Mel had cut her training sessions down from six-a-week to four, and has taken up yoga.

"I felt most of my 20s feeling self-conscious about certain parts of my body, but as I've got older I feel more feminine," she revealed.

"After having a child, it makes you realise how incredible your body is and it's made me a lot kinder to myself. Becoming a mum gave me the freedom to finally love myself physically."