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Blonde or brunette? How to choose the colour that best suits you

September 22, 2014
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"A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life," Coco Chanel once famously declared. However, sometimes a change of hair colour can be just as — if not more — dramatic as opting for a new cut.With celebrities such as Elle Fanning changing their look between blonde and brunette, HELLO! Fashion takes a look at the main differences between the two, from hair care to how our hair colour affects how others see us, as revealed in a new infographic by below for the full information

Whether you've chosen to go blonde or brunette, picking the right shade is important – if you're unsure, ask your hairdresser. Pale complexions with darker hair can make for a cool gothic vibe like Angelina Jolie used to rock, but you can also run the risk of looking a bit washed out.Platinum blonde or lighter shades can make for a bold hairstyle, but don't always suit darker skin tones – Kim Kardashian looked amazing when she changed her hair colour to blonde, opting for a slightly darker shade for an effortlessly chic look.

Whether it's Rita Ora rocking a new buzz cut or Rihanna chopping off her long locks, a drastic change to how we wear our hair can affect how others perceive us, whether it gives out a more edgy vibe, or a girl-next-door kind of look.While brunettes tend to be seen as more worldly and mature, studies have shown that blondes earn more on average, with blonde waitresses earning more tips. However, brunettes can be seen as more self-sufficient, and more intelligent.

When changing your hair colour, make sure to consider your lifestyle. Swimmers might want to avoid going blonde as these shades run the risk of turning green in a swimming pool, while brunette hairstyles are less forgiving when it comes to skin imperfections.

Once you choose a colour, make sure to regularly maintain it to keep your hair healthy – celebrities such as Kylie Jenner are often spotted dyeing their hair with bright colours, but a good hair care routine will ensure this doesn't damage your tresses.If you've opted for ashy blonde tones, use a purple shampoo to maintain the colour. However, if you've chosen to go brunette, consider a glossing treatment to keep your hair shiny and healthy looking.

Finally, remember that a drastic hair change can affect your wardrobe – if you've opted for a dark chocolate brown, dark brown clothes won't complement your new hairdo, but natural tones or lighter oranges will.For blondes, pastel colours and jewelled colours are the ideal way to bring out your new hair colour, without it coming off as too bold.So which one are you tempted to try, blonde or brunette? Leave a comment below and let us know!

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