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How to fake a tan in winter

February 5, 2015
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The dreary winter weather means most of us will be left turning to fake tan to achieve that coveted healthy glow. HELLO! Fashion caught up with the UK's leading tanning artist James Read to find out how to make your fake tan as natural-looking and long lasting as possible until it's warm enough to stay outside again.

You don't need to go on holiday for a healthy glow

"Over the winter months use self-tan that's hydrating," advises James. "Your skin becomes drier due to the constant battle between freezing cold air and central heating – look out for moisturising ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and cucumber extract." When applying the product, James has a useful tip for getting an even tan on tricky parts such as hands or feet. "Remember to always use excess product when applying self-tan to your hands and feet, and work the excess tan onto these areas. Don't apply product directly." Make sure to give yourself plenty of time between putting on the fake tan and heading out in the cold weather as wrapping up warm could cause your new look to be patchy.

Look out for hydrating ingredients such as cucumber extract

"Wait until your hands are completely dry before putting on gloves," says James. "Also, use a straw when drinking drinks to stop your top lip from going white and looking uneven." If your tan comes out a lot darker than you anticipated, don't panic. "If your tan is too dark go and have a steam or sauna," says James. "This will fade your tan evenly and stop it looking patchy." For a longer lasting tan, James suggests mixing some self-tan with after sun roughly 2-3 days after you have applied the product, to help your tan last longer while also hydrating your skin.

HELLO!'s top tip: to give your face a golden glow, use the James Read Sleep Mask tan - it gently soothes while you sleep, all while leaving behind a subtle shimmer.

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