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22 things only beauty addicts will understand

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From being a beauty guru for your friends to spending all your free time watching beauty tutorials, we look at the 22 things that any beauty addict will relate to...

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You can't resist the words 'Limited Edition'

1. Your Instagram newsfeed is so dominated by beauty bloggers and make-up brands that you never manage to see any of your actual friends' pictures.

2. You go to the shops to pick up deodorant only to leave with three nail polishes, the latest mascara, some foundation and two lipsticks.

3. You never have any storage on your phone because it is full of selfies you've taken purely to check that your make-up is on 'fleek' (did we use it right?).

4. You can't resist the words 'Limited Edition'.

5. You know Kim Kardashian's contouring tricks off by heart.

You can never own too many nail polishes

6. Broadchurch? Game of Thrones? Nah, you don't have time for TV – spare moments are to be spent watching video tutorials.

7. There is no such thing as owning too many nail polishes. Seriously. You just never know which colour you might feel like.

8. Your friends always come to you if they’re having a beauty crisis. Fake eyelashes falling off on a night out? You always carry spare glue.

9. You know the difference between BB, CC and DD creams – and regularly find yourself explaining it to your friends in smug tones.

10. You would rather be late than risk rushing through your eyeliner flick.

You know how to contour without needing a tutorial video

11. And when you master the notorious wing under five minutes, you just know it's going to be a good day.

12. You post countless #nofilter selfies just because your make-up is on point. #dontneednofilter

13. You enjoy doing your hair and make-up more than you enjoy the actual night out.

14. Buying dozens of your favourite products just in case they get discontinued... We all know the heartbreak of that.

15. No matter how tired you are, refusing to go to bed without taking off your make-up and making sure you cleanse, tone and moisturise. Spots just don't go with your look.

16. Having a really good hair day but not seeing anyone you know, and ending up having to post a photo on Instagram so you can share your glossy locks with the world.

You're always on the lookout for a new lipstick

17. Shamelessly asking strangers what shade of lipstick/blusher/eyeshadow they're wearing and adding it to your wishlist.

18. You cherish every make-up sample that comes your way and usually end up buying the product in bulk later.

19. Ignoring your phone because you've just painted your nails and you don't want to risk chipping them.

20. Having winter and summer foundation – different seasons call for different shades! How do people not know this yet??

21. You've questioned the number of lipsticks you own – not because you have too many, but because you think you need a new shade.

22. You’ve sprayed hairspray on your face to keep your make-up in place, meaning you spend the whole night unable to move your face. But hey, who needs to move their face?

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