Why you NEED this in your make-up bag...

If your make-up bag is bursting at the seams or you’re in desperate need of some cosmetic reorganisation, meet your new beauty best friend. It’s designed by award winning celebrity makeup artist, Zena Shteysel, whose clients have included Kim Kardashian. The Z Palette is a magnetic beauty storage solution so you can keep all of your make-up neat and tidy and with minimal risk of mess or breakage. This is why you need one in your life…

1) It’s the ultimate way to organise your make-up

The innovative invention can store any product held in a magnetic casing, such as your favourite MAC and Nars products. The palette allows you to remove your beauty products from their heavy, bulky packaging and quickly transfer the remaining metal pans directly into a Z Palette. It’s a great way to reorganise and save space without getting rid of your much-loved products. FYI, the large Z Palette alone holds an incredible 28 MAC eye shadows. Best bit? The clear front window so you can see exactly what’s in your collection.

2. It doesn’t just work for eyeshadows

If you’re feeling brave, you can completely transform the way you store your lipsticks and concealers with a Z Palette. Use heat to melt down your lipstick bullets and scoop out concealer into Z Palette’s round and square metal pans (sold separately). It might seem like a faff at first but it’s what all the make-up artists do. Why? Because is saves you a lot of space and it means you can have all of your favourite shades in one place- perfect for travelling.

3. The shape of your existing make-up doesn’t matter

The empty magnetic palette is designed with no restrictions on the shape of the beauty product you want to store, so you can organise your makeup any way you please, whatever the brand or product. If you’re a bit OCD, you can even arrange your collection by shade, like the pros with a separate Z Palette for neutrals and brights.

4. There’s a colour and size to suit every beauty enthusiast

Z palettes come in a range of sizes and designs so whether you need a small palette to carry around in your handbag or the large double-sided version to house all of your makeup excess, you won’t be stuck for choice. There’s a colour for every beauty lover too, with palettes sold in every shade from classic black, to wild leopard print and hot pink.

5. They’re budget friendly

Available to buy on beautybay.com, prices start at £8.95 for a small Z Palette. A small investment for a product that will revolutionise your make-up bag forever!

Oh and in case you were wondering how to decant your favourite beauty products into a Z Palette (known in the industry as ‘depotting’), here’s how…For products in plastic packaging and those that are particularly tricky to remove, use a hot tool like a pair of straighteners. Clamp them gently around the product in question. This helps to melt the glue that holds the metal pan in place so it’s super easy to pop out and into your Z Palette. You can also use tweezers or if you’re feeling a bit more patient, use Z Palette’s own De potting Spatula, £7.95 to work the metal pan away from its packaging. Just make sure you concentrate and don’t rush the process or you risk crushing or breaking your beloved beauty products!

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