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This food can help beat depression

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A study has shown evidence that fish can greatly improve mood levels, and so may be able to help those suffering from depression.

According to the "super-study," in which 1,233 patients took part in 13 trials, it was proven that the omega-3 acid contained in fish has an amazing effect on the brain.

The two types of omega-3 which were used in the study are called DHA and EPA, and reportedly helps release the chemical serotonin in the brain, leading people to feel happier. They are also vital for brain health and functionality.

As such, the study revealed that a high intake of omega-3 along with anti-depressants had a great impact on the patient's mood levels.


The study found that a high intake of omega-3 had a great impact on patients

It was also proven that omega 6, which is typically found in vegetable oil, blocks omega-3 being absorbed, -and so one of the professors taking part in the super-study, Professor Michael Crawford, suggested that a modern day diet containing low levels of omega-3 and high levels of omega-6 could be the cause of the increase in mental health issues.

A mother-of-three has also recently attributed her intake of fish as curing her post-natal depression and OCD, and has revealed that she tried to eat fish every day after she was reluctant to take medication. Melanie Lawson told Daily Mail: 'I saw medication as a last resort and wanted to adopt a more natural approach.

"I thought about what I could eat to make myself feel better and I read that omega-3, which is found in fish, is good for the brain. I started taking fish oil and eating some sort of oily fish every day. One day, I suddenly realised, "I haven't cried or lost the plot for a few days," and I felt better."

She continued to explain how eating fish every day has improved her mental health, saying: "I believe eating fish has helped me overcome my OCD and manage it, and I would recommend what I did to others.

"As well as improving my mental health, I've had people compliment my skin too, which must be down to my diet."