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Rainbow highlighter? This might be our favourite beauty trend yet...

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Forget flower crowns and glittery eyeshadow, the latest beauty craze for festival season is here, and it's our favourite one yet. Meet rainbow higlighter...

Unlike standard highlighter, which aims to give you a natural, dewey glow, the rainbow highlighter gives you the chance to highlight your look with subtle shades of purple, green, yellow, orange and pink to wear as a bold make-up statement, or the colours can be blended together after application to create a gorgeous silver shimmer.

Beauty fans have flocked to purchase the new beauty trend

The rainbow highlighter craze caught on after a Reddit user posted a snap of the highlighter, writing: "Can anyone help me ID this iridescent rainbow blush from an Instagram post?," sparking an Internet search for the palette.

The rainbow highlighter, which is called 'Prism', was discovered to have been founded by Etsy seller Bitter Lace Beauty, who makes and sells homemade make-up. According to her Instagram account, the sudden craze took her by surprise, writing: "I am in complete shock you guys!

The rainbow highlighter is already sold out

"It has been a roller coaster ride for the past 2 days and it feels like I will never get off… I am beyond grateful and super excited! Thank you so much for all the love you have been giving PRISM! With all of my new gained followers, our store has been completely cleaned out. Seriously, not one color remains! We are going to work on a major restock of all of our colors after we do a second release of PRISM!"

Beauty fans have been quick to gush over the new make-up look, with one Instagram user writing: "I'm legit sitting on every device waiting/refreshing when the next Prism restock goes live," while another wrote: "I am so excited for you!! I hope to buy one when you restock! Or maybe a few different palettes - they're all so cool!"

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