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Dyson unveils new 'blade-less' hairdryer

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The future is now. According to the new hairdryer from Dyson. The hoover company has unveiled its latest product, and it does look very futuristic.First of all, it's hard not to notice its lack of blades. Apparently this model uses Air Multiplier technology, which takes in air from every side and makes it really powerful before pushing it out towards your hair.

Dyson has debuted its new hairdryer

Although it looks a bit different, the Dyson hairdryer is quieter and safer for hair and is the first of its kind, and the company is said to have invested over £50 million into the development.It's lighter and more compact than traditional designs and best of all it recognises we don't all have the same hair type. An overheated dryer can really damage your locks, causing dreaded split ends, but the Dyson comes with four temperature settings and three airflow settings – meaning it can be tailored to be just right for you.

It's blade-less technology is said to be better and safer for hair

And, even though it comes with a hefty £299 price tag, the developers believe it's an investment.Founder Sir James Dyson told BBC: "There just happens to be a huge field in airflow. We make very high-speed motors, so it's rather obvious that we would carry on and use that in everything involved in airflow."If you overheat the hair, you get water bubbles in the cortex exploding and blasting holes in the fibres, which gives you a dull look and damaged hair."He added: "We all spend 20-30 minutes every day doing our hair, so you use it an awful lot. Not damaging your hair, that's a lot of money."Will you be trying the new Dyson hairdryer? Let us know in the comments section below.

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