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I spent the day as an A-lister

Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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There's a reason that most of us love the idea of being rich and famous. The glitz and the glamour of Hollywood's best and brightest stars is impossible to miss, especially during awards season. Whether a star is walking the red carpet in a dazzling gown, showing off a stunning make-up look or has hair that defies gravity (or all three), it seems like their fabulous lives couldn't be further from most of our typical working days! So when I had the chance to meet up with BAFTA's best and brightest make-up, hair and jewellery gurus in order to get kitted out as a VIP, I jumped at the chance! Here's what happened…

bafta 5

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Upon entering the Savoy hotel's incredible sixth floor Suite, I was handed a magically refilling glass of prosecco, sat by the incredible BAFTA-themed snacks (Jackie macarons, anyone?) and introduced to Ken O'Rourke, hair stylist to the stars and the brand ambassador for Charles Worthington. Ken would be in charge of my 'red carpet' style hair and after taking note of my red hair and comparing it to Amy Adams, whom he has worked with many times, he decided to give me the Enchanted star's 2016 BAFTA look. The hair style was loose, classic curls with a middle parting, giving it a glamorous and slightly seventies look. After 20 minutes, with my hair in rollers, I then met Maja Rikner from Lancôme, who would be performing something of a miracle and making my face into something that wouldn't look out of place at the BAFTA scene.

bafta 2

Spot the Jackie macarons

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Ignoring my continued jibes at myself, Maja got to work while showing me some of the amazing looks she had done for celebrities before, including Lily James and Sarah Jessica Parker. To start with, I had approximately four types of cleansing products on my face, and could feel my cheeks burning. Although I've never really had sensitive skin I began to worry. Who can endure this many products happening at the same time? Would I erupt into hives and let that be the end of my brief journey into stardom? Fortunately Maja knew what she was doing, and I cursed myself for doubting her as she began brushing foundation onto my face (and not the palest shade either, ginger high five!) while I sat sipping my champagne, once again feeling like the high life might not be all that bad. Informing me that brown eye liner and mascara were the best for making my eyes pop, she gave me a smokey look before checking if I wanted any lippy.

bafta 3

There was a stunning range of Swarovski jewellery

"Not really, my lips are definitely not my best feature, I try not to draw attention to them."

She frowned. "I don't think they're bad at all. Shall I try, and if you don’t like it you can just get rid of it?"

Maja proceeded to give me the most sensational Kylie Jenner-esque lips that I never in my dizziest daydreams thought I'd ever have, and with a little bit of bling by the wonderful people at Swarovski (and when I say a little bit, I mean a crystal encrusted chunky bracelet with a matching ring and spectacular drop earrings), I was ready for the 'I'm just about ready but still chilling in my dressing gown' photoshoot that most celebs enjoy posting to Instagram more than their actual red carpet shots.

bafta 1

Ken chose a hairstyle once used on Amy Adams

It had been a delightful afternoon. There's nothing wrong with being pampered for once in a while, and there's something so nice (and a little embarrassing) about having a group of people truly care about making you look your best self. I couldn't help but think that it was no wonder A-listers are confident. If they were surrounded by the sort of support network I was during my makeover montage, they have all the support and good vibes they need to go out onto that red carpet and OWN it.

bafta 6

Getting BAFTA ready at the Savoy

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That being said, as I left the hotel, perhaps strutting a little more than usual, I caught sight of myself in a shop window and was stopped short. I had loved my look back in the suite, and thought that Maja's magic had looked great on camera. But in real life, in the actual reality of just nipping to meet my friend for a quick drink after work, my makeup looked heavy, much heavier than I would ever usually do it, and I wondered whether celebs had their make-up done just that little bit more extravagantly so it looked great on camera but a little too bold in real life. It just goes to show that no matter how much we might fawn after celebrities, these stunning award ceremonies are really the 'real them' either. It is one amazing experience though, one I was glad to have been a part of for one shining moment!

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