Love Island's Megan Barton-Hanson’s year book photos have been revealed

Prepare to be amazed...

We bring you another HELLO! Exclusive - and this time it's Megan Barton-Hanson’s year book photos. And you’ve been warned, she looks TOTALLY different! In the pics you can see a cute little Megan before she had her ears pinned back, and in the other you can see a slightly more glamorous Megan as she poses for her year book photo in her secondary school uniform.

When HELLO! first brought you the exclusive photos of Megan Barton-Hanson before her 25k surgery makeover, we didn't know how big it would become - people all over the country were baffled by the Love Island bombshell's huge transformation. Aged just 18 in the photos, she was unrecognisable to the Megan we have been watching on our TV screens every night. With her big lips, big hair, big brows and big boobs, she is definitely a favourite with the men in the villa, but fans are calling for her old photos to be shown to her fellow Love Islanders.

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EXCLUSIVE: Pictures of Megan Barton-Hanson from Love Island before her glamour-makeover

And another photo has gone viral on the internet - and the people of Twitter are divided over the image of Megan wearing glasses. User @tbh_emmaq wrote: "People making fun of her looks, and then wondering why she has so much surgery in the first place."

While others compared her to a "substitute French teacher," and Anthony Connors joked: "Looks like the geek in an American teen movie. Then 25k later, walks down the stairs at prom and steals the show.” Others wished they had a spare 25k, with one fan commenting: "Oh my god, I need 25k now."

SEE PICS: Love Island's Megan has spent £25k on surgery from the age of 14

We asked Dr Munir Somji of Dr MediSpa for his view on Megan's possible cosmetic surgery. He told us: "She definitely appears to have had a rhinoplasty, as the tip of her nose used to drop when she smiled. It looks like she's had a tip lift as well. A rhinoplasty costs between £5-10k in the UK and you would need a good surgeon for this procedure."

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"Megan's lips look a lot plumper when she smiles than in the before picture," he says. "It depends on where you go, but this cosmetic procedure costs between £1000 and £1,500. It's not a quick treatment though; she will have had this done slowly over time."

Dr Somji also reveals: "There's not much movement in Megan's forehead when you watch her on Love Island. It looks like she's had Botox, which costs around £300 to £400. Megan's brow position has changed slightly too – it used to be raised but now it's more horizontal."

"She also appears to have had a breast enlargement, which ranges in price between £5-10k depending on the surgeon. Megan may have had filler in her cheeks but it's hard to tell as makeup can emulate that fullness. None of her work is overdone, she looks good for it."


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On possible ear correction surgery: "Pinning the ears back is a simple surgery to do and costs around £3,500. It does make a difference to your appearance. It's difficult to classify it as a cosmetic treatment though as it often affects confidence, so can be considered psychological or cosmetic."

Megan has also had extensive dental work done. We spoke to celebrity dentist Dr Richard Marques, who said: “Megan looks really great with her new look and in my opinion she has had eight veneers which are likely to have cost between £5,000 - £10,000. She has had veneers to improve the colour and shape of her teeth and smile. As you can see they look a lot brighter and whiter now which gives her smile a healthy and youthful appearance. The veneers have also widened the smile to give her a wider and more full look to her smile and teeth.”

All in all, since her teenage years, Megan has spent around £25,000 on her new look.