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Penny Lancaster reveals her menopause story and highlights the women's health charity that could help

In partnership with Wellbeing of Women

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Esther Coombes
Content Lead
Updated: November 29, 2022
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At HELLO! we’re proud to address the often-taboo issue of menopause so that more women can feel empowered to face this new stage of life.

The women's health charity Wellbeing of Women has launched Let’s #ChatMenopause, it’s new campaign encouraging open conversations about menopause, and has invited figures from the worlds of TV, radio and politics to share their own experiences.

Penny Lancaster has bravely shared her journey in conversation with Carolyn Harris, MP for Swansea East and the Deputy Leader of Labour for Wales. Penny emotionally reveals the rollercoaster of emotions she first experienced, the treatment that turned things around and how husband Sir Rod helped explain the menopause to their children.

“I threw the dinner plates across the kitchen because I didn’t feel I was being heard, or my symptoms noticed… I was making that loud demonstration of: ‘I need help!’ Rod ushered the kids out of the room. But within five minutes they came back in, put their arms around me and said: ‘It’s going to be okay Mummy.’ Rod said: ‘Mummy’s having a hard time with hormones – just like when you have your period, but it’s a lot worse.’

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“Even though that was a really hard time, it was also a really special moment when my husband and my children were there for me. I didn’t realise the medication (HRT) was going to be so ground-breaking; within a few months it was like my whole life had turned around. My confidence came back and I could smile again.”

Let's #ChatMenopause: Penny Lancaster and Carolyn Harris MP

WATCH: Penny Lancaster shares her menopause journey with Carolyn Harris MP

Sir Rod has since become an ally in educating men to understand the challenges the menopause brings so that mothers, wives and daughters can feel more supported.

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Also in the series, radio host and podcaster Zoe Hardman shares an open and honest conversation with sister Kathryn having both experienced hereditary early menopause, and how this impacted their respective dreams of starting a family.

Zoe shares “A year after I’d had my second child that tidal wave came. Even though we knew about that hereditary link I was still resisting it. ‘I think I’ve got depression, I can’t get out of bed anymore…’ During that period, that’s when the symptoms really ramped up for me… the night sweats and the headaches and everything else. The depression was just horrendous. I thought it was going to kill my marriage if I’m honest with you.

“My whole experience has been one of fear – I’ve been carrying a lot of shame and embarrassment. Aside from having children it’s been the huge, monumental moment in my life. But I feel like having these conversations will help so many people.”

Let's #ChatMenopause: Zoe Hardman and Kathryn Hardman-Farris

WATCH: Zoe Hardman discusses early menopause with sister Kathryn

You can also watch broadcaster Kate Thornton talk to women working in the armed forces about managing their symptoms in a high-pressure work environment and This Morning’s TV Doctor Nighat Arif discussing race and the menopause with Olympian Michelle Griffith Robinson and dietitian Meera Bhogal.

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Wellbeing of Women is the only UK charity funding all women’s reproductive and gynaecological health. Led by women’s voices it works to improve health and wellbeing through research, education and advocacy to address issues such as endometriosis, PCOS, miscarriage, stillbirth and gynaecological cancers. It also funds scholarships for graduates and healthcare professionals to conduct research into pioneering treatments for all aspects of women’s health.

We’ve partnered with the charity to create the Menopause Workplace Pledge so that more women can be supported in a professional environment during the menopause. To date the pledge has received signatures from more than 2,000 employers with the likes of the House of Commons, the BBC and the Royal Mail committing to bolster their support to all staff affected.

Visit to watch all of the videos and discover how Wellbeing of Women could help you. Join the campaign by sharing your menopause story on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #ChatMenopause.

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