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Get the look: Kate Middleton's St Patrick's Day hairstyle

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Since joining the royal family, Kate Middleton has had women all over the world striving to achieve her gorgeous, glossy locks. When the Duchess of Cambridge stepped out on St Patrick’s Day, her tresses looked as enviable as ever, twisted into an intricate swept-back bun that was both feminine and elegant. HELLO! Online has called on JOICO Global Artistic Director, Damien Carney, who explains how to achieve Kate's St Patrick's Day hairstyle.

  1. Start by prepping the hair with JOICO Smooth Cure shampoo and conditioner (£13.95) for a smooth, sleek finish. 
  2. Blow-dry to create large curves and bends in the hair. Keep the dryer's airflow down the hair shaft for extra shine and control. 
  3. Once hair is blow-dried and set, apply a light mist of JOICO Power Spray
  4. Roughly create two sections with your hair. The front, top and side areas being the first, and the back, the second. 
  5. Take the back section of hair, loosely gather your hair and secure it with a hair band just below the occipital bone. Now lightly backcomb the ponytail before dividing it into four loose sections. 
  6. Take each section loosely wrap it around your fingers and secure with a Kirby grip at the nape of the neck. Repeat with the remaining sections. 
  7. Crisscross each section over one another to create a light folding pleating finish. Keep the hair loose and slightly undone - don’t make it too perfect. 
  8. Now take the top section of hair and simply direct it away from your face. Secure the ends with Kirby grips around the crown area, so that the top and back sections of the hair are connected. 
  9. Finally, apply a light mist of JOICO Power Spray (£10.95) for shine and a flexible hold.

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