Ola Jordan goes back to blonde 'to change her luck'

Ola Jordan has reverted back to her old hair colour and dyed her locks blonde. The Strictly Come Dancing star previously told HELLO! magazine that she would be arranging a trip to the hairdressers, as she believed her luck had changed when she went brunette.

The professional ballroom dancer suffered a string of misfortunes, starting with her knee injury while filming for skiing series The Jump.

Ola was having a practice lesson in Hemel Hempstead last December when she lost her balance and fell at an angle. "Because the snow boot didn't come out of the ski, my leg twisted and I felt a popping sensation in my knee," Ola told HELLO! magazine, in the issue that is out on sale now.


Ola Jordan previously blamed her change of hair colour for her sporting injury

"I didn't break my leg," she added. "I snapped a ligament, which is far worse. Although I wasn't in pain, I couldn't stand up. The physiotherapist took me to hospital and that's when I was told my ligament had snapped and I would need an operation."

The Polish beauty, who is married to professional dancer James Jordan, explained that she felt things started going downhill after she dyed her hair. Ola had always been a blonde while competing on Strictly Come Dancing, given the show's reportedly strict rules on appearance for their dancers.

The Strictly Come Dancing contestant said she would go back to being blonde as soon as possible

"It all seems to tie in with me reverting back to my natural colour," said Ola, who went from blonde to brunette at the end of November – just days after being voted off Strictly. "Within days of me dyeing it back to this shade, everything started to go wrong for us."

It wasn't just Ola that seemed to suffer in poor health. Her husband of 15 years James has also been admitted to hospital several times with a recurring stomach pain, which doctors still don't know the cause of.

Ola Jordan told HELLO!: 'Within days of me dyeing it back to this shade, everything started to go wrong for us'

"I believe these things happen for a purpose," Ola had said. "Perhaps there was a bigger accident coming and this protected me from it? Whatever the reason, I'm going back to being blonde as soon as I can. Maybe then our luck will change."

True to her word, the 32-year-old was spotted leaving a London hairdressers on Wednesday, sporting her wonderful new look of caramel blonde locks – a few shades darker than her normal butterscotch blonde.