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Richard Ward revealed as hairdresser behind Kate's new fringe

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As she returned to the spotlight for the first time in two months, the Duchess of Cambridge, née Kate Middleton made sure to impress with a new chic hairstyle. It has now been revealed that the Duchess turned to her trusted hairdresser Richard Ward to make the change.

Richard – someone Kate has relied on in the past to transform her brunette locks into those flawless blow-dries – appeared on This Morning to talk about the new style.

Dubbed the "gringe", the cut is essentially a grown-out fringe and something that show host Holly Willoughby was keen to try out for herself. Following in Kate's footsteps, Holly spontaneously asked Richard to chop her blonde locks live on air.

duchess fringe 1 © Photo: Splash

Duchess Kate showed off a new fringe on Sunday, cut by Richard Ward

"Shall I cut it?" asked Holly, to which the celebrity hairstylist replied, "I would love to cut your hair!"

"Go on then… but not too short, don't scare me!" laughed Holly.

The 34-year-old presenter looked thrilled with the result, adding afterwards: "Ta da! What do you think? I love it when it's up because I'm always tying my hair up at home and it gives a bit of business around the front. But can we change the name from "gringe" please?"

holly willoughby1 © Photo: Rex

The celebrity hairstylist was tasked with cutting Holly Willoughby's locks live on air

"I've just had my first This Morning makeover, yay!" she added.

Holly wasn't the only lucky lady who was treated to a makeover, as Richard carried out live fringe haircuts on three other women.

Sharing his tips with HELLO! Online afterwards, Richard said: "Fringes are really versatile – they are a great way of updating your look without doing anything too drastic, and there's a style to suit every face shape. A fringe makes an instant style statement. It can add structure, soften the face and highlight or define features, and is a very youthful look."

holly willoughby2 © Photo: Rex

The cut is dubbed a "gringe" – a grown-out fringe that Richard says is "timeless and ageless"

"A longer, sweeping fringe is a great way to experiment without the risk factor of a complete restyle," he added.

"These kind of fringes suit most people as they're extremely soft and feminine. They work well whether you have long or short hair, especially if you tie your hair back or wear your hair up, as it makes the style look far less severe.

"They aren't too bold but can completely change your look without having to lose any length, and are easy to grow out if you're not quite sure. They're timeless and ageless – they never really go out of fashion."

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