How to achieve Stefanie Powers' BAFTA look

Ahead of this year's glittering BAFTA Awards, HELLO! Online caught up with actress Stefanie Powers at London's Savoy hotel, to find out the secrets of her red carpet look achieved with the help of Ken O'Rourke, ambassador for Charles Worthington – the event’s official hair stylist for the eighth year in a row – who has chosen the actress to be his red-carpet muse.

The former Hart to Hart star's hair was in the trusted hands of Ken O'Rourke, Charles Worthington ambassador and celebrity stylist, who tells HELLO!, "One of the things that I love about Stefanie Powers is that she has always had that iconic hair. She has the hair that women want and men love. She's got perfect red carpet hair, which makes her the perfect muse. I thoughT her hair would look stunning down, full and glamorous, as that is how I saw the dress."

Stefanie's svelte figure, showcased in a stunning gown by Jacques Azagury, is thanks to an active lifestyle that many people half her age wouldn't be able to keep up with. She keeps fit by "doing everything I can".

"I stretch before I put my feet on the floor every morning," she tells HELLO!. "Then I have this big foam roll on the floor that I lie on and stretch my back on. In LA I have an inversion table, which I put my ankles into and hang upside down."

That's just the stretching – she attends dance classes three times a week, practises pilates and goes horseriding. "And I do training where I jump on boxes, and freak myself out in the process, but it’s a part of the brain game."

Stefanie is a huge fan of Charles Worthington Bafta Edition Volume & Bounce Express Blow Dry Primer, which helps speed up blow dry time, adds shine and protects hair from heat. "It is so good for hair like mine. I can spritz in the Primer from root to tip when my hair is almost dry and then blow dry in so that it looks perfectly sleek."

FOR THE FULL INTERVIEW SEE THIS WEEK'S HELLO! magazine, and for a step-by-step guide to Stefanie's red carpet look, see below.


Step one

Apply Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce BAFTA Edition Express Blow Dry Primer on wet hair as it will speed up the drying process. Then apply Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Body Booster Mousse to the top of the hair – layer the product on top of each other. Blow dry the hair with a large round bristle brush to volumise the hair.

Step two

Take two inch sections of hair, and set the hair on large heated rollers. Then leave it to cool.

Step three

Remove all of the rollers and brush out using a Mason and Pearson brush

Step four

Apply Charles Worthington Volume and Bounce Root Lift Backcomb Powder to the top sections of the scalp and massage it in. Then, take sections of hair, backcomb the roots and let the hair gently fall into place. Finally, apply Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce BAFTA Edition Perfect Finish Hairspray for a light hold to complete the look.

Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce BAFTA Limited Edition Duo Volume and Bounce Express Blow Dry Primer and Volume and Bounce Perfect Finish Hairspray RRP £6.99 each, available exclusively at Boots nationwide and The Savoy is the Official Hotel for the EE British Academy Film Awards 2016.