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How to: Make your blow-dry last longer

Our top tips for ensuring your ultra-glamorous blow-dry lasts as long as possible...

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We all know the brilliance of a fresh blow-dry - you leave the salon feeling fabulous, turning heads as you saunter by with ever so swishy hair... But we also know the feeling of waking up the next morning when your glossy, voluminous 'do is all but a distant memory. Is it possible to make your blow-dry last longer? Absolutely. Here are our top tips...

1. Wash your hair twice. The cleaner your hair is, the longer your blowdry will last. The type of shampoo you use matters as well - a deeply clarifying formula is the best option as it will remove the build-up of products in your hair. We recommend Shu Uemura’s Cleansing Oil Shampoo for Normal Hair.

2. Don't touch your hair. We get it - it feels really good and you want to run your hands through it but touching your hair transfers any dirt and oil from your hands onto your hair, making it greasy and leaving it looking messy.

3. Tie it in a top knot for bed. Keeping your hair high on your head means it's not getting squashed out of shape as you sleep. Use a large butterfly clip to hold it in place - just don't use an elastic tie as you'll end up with unsightly kinks.

4. Sleep on silk. Sleeping on a soft silk pillowcase means your hair can slide around rather than rubbing on the surface of cotton, creating frizz. Our top pick is the Gingerlily Beauty Box Silk pillowcase.

5. Take a short shower in the morning. And keep it cool - the heat from a hot shower will cause your hair to frizz, spoiling your beautiful blow-dry.

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