Good Morning Britain's Susanna Reid backtracks on 'natural blonde' comment

The Good Morning Britain host returned to breakfast TV last week

Susanna Reid stunned viewers on Tuesday's episode of Good Morning Britain when she revealed she was a "natural blonde". Shortly after the show, the breakfast host, 46, appeared to backtrack on the remark, jovially telling her Twitter followers: "BREAKING: I'm really not." During the GMB episode, Susanna had told her co-hosts Piers Morgan and Charlotte Hawkins, "I'm naturally blonde." Surprised by the revelation, Piers retorted: "It would explain a lot of things." He added: "Dark blonde is brown, only a blonde wouldn't realise that. It's like gender, there's male, female that's it. In hair there's brunette, blonde, red head, that's it. Strawberry blonde is blonde."

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Last week saw the return of Susanna and Piers following their summer break. Broadcaster Susanna took to her social media pages to share a beaming selfie of the pair reunited. Viewers of the ITV show will be happy to see the pair back on screen together. Father-of-four Piers recently opened up about their on-screen chemistry, telling Woman magazine that his co-host is more "opinionated off-screen". He joked: "It's like the worst kind of arranged marriage, where you don't get any of the good bits, just the bad stuff." The TV star added: "My argument with her is that she’s far more opinionated in the early-morning briefings than she is on air. Lately she’s taken it the other way around and I have to calm her down."


In a previous interview with You Magazine, Susanna described Piers as a "mini tornado". She shared: "I describe him as a mini tornado. The chairs start spinning, the papers go everywhere, interviewees never know what’s going to happen to them." Quick to heap praise on her colleague, she continued: "He always gives his interviews a bit of an edge. He takes them by the collar and shakes them until nuggets of headline fall out. We could all learn from that."