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Hair hacks every curly girl needs to know

The cheats guide to styling curly hair direct from celebrity go-to hair stylist, Kevin Hughes

curly hair
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We quizzed A-list hair stylist (the man behind Golden Barbie's dreamy mane) and Moroccanoil's Artist Director, Kevin Hughes for all the tips and tricks on keeping textured hair looking healthy and luscious.

HACK 1: Start Co-washing

Co-washing is short for 'conditioner washing', which is the act of skipping shampoo and solely washing your hair with conditioner. With so many sulphate-heavy shampoos on the market that can strip hair of nutrients and natural oils, co-washing two times a week (in place of your shampoo) is a much gentler alternative.

AW17B PhilipLim 100

A curl cleansing conditioner is great because your hair won't end up feeling weighted down afterwards. It also gives dry strands a hefty dose of moisture, which is especially good for sensitive scalps or if you have dyed hair and want to extend your colour.

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HACK 2: Change Styles

For long hair with super tight curls, apply Morroccanoil Curl Defining Cream generously through every section and style the hair into Senegalese braids and let it air dry. Once dry, you can create a beautiful up-do, or if you can scarf it and then sleep on it, you'll wake up with a much larger curl – and the illusion of longer hair. It'll stay put too; curly girls can wear that style for up to ten days.

Moroccanoil Curl

HACK 3: Swap Tools

I always hear girls say, 'Oh my curls are too round!'. For an easy update, take a curling iron that is one size bigger than your natural curl and wrap random sections of hair around the barrel. Girls with wavy hair should take a smaller iron and just curl the roots. You'll get a really interesting texture and some serious oomph that will last for days.

AW17B Etro 042

HACK 4: Embrace the Crimp

Crimping irons are a game changer for super fine hair. Start by weaving through strands and crimping random sections as you go. Finish by blow-drying the hair to make the crimp less visible and you’ll end up with the most incredible mane. It basically triples the amount of hair that you have. Just remember to move through the sections really quickly – you’re not holding it on the hair for more than two seconds.

GHD Contour Hair

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