The 'lob' is officially the world's most flattering haircut and it's set to be huge this autumn

The hairstyle is the number one choice for ladies worldwide

Sophie Hamilton

The beauty world is going crazy right now over the hairstyle of the moment, the 'lob'. That's the 'long bob'. Yep, according to market research company Mintel, an increasing number of women are going for the chop, with the likes of Margot Robbie, Kendall Jenner and our own Alesha Dixon all showcasing the shorter, flattering style. Gone are the days of the severe short bob; now it's all about a gentle longer bob which can be worn wavy or straight, parted in the middle or to the side and with or without a fringe. HELLO! asked celebrity hairdresser Edward James, who has recently worked with Stella McCartney and Chanel, to talk us through this must-have style and explain why the look is in such high demand…

Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie shows how to do the lob with this chic side-swept wavy style

"The long bob or “lob” is huge at the moment because it offers so much flexibility!" says Edward. "It is long enough to still wave and curl and tie back into a chignon if you want to vary your style and is a great length for wearing old-Hollywood glam styles, which is why it so incredibly popular with celebs. The best thing about the lob is it isn’t too scary if you have long hair and fancy a change."

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Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung looks so pretty as she accessorises with cute clips on her curled lob

"Margot Robbie wears this cut so well because she plays with the finish of cut – from sophisticated waves to more dishevelled tousled texture with roots, it highlights her incredible bone structure and creates lots of movement. "We love Alexa Chung’s lob, which has moved away from her shorter cut and looks effortlessly glam.

Cate Blanchett

Cate Blanchett is the queen of the lob with her soft side fringe

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"Cate Blanchett also looks incredible with the style and is a big fan as it offers her lots of versatility with her striking red carpet looks, often opting for up-styles to show off her couture gowns."

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Alesha Dixon

Alesha Dixon's shoulder-length lob looks so fresh with a middle parting

So why is the lob deemed the world's most flattering style? Edward explains: "The haircut provides lots of movement and because it is not too long it holds volume and shape well when styled, even on fine hair. The cut can be styled to create width around the cheekbone area for longer or narrower face shapes and can make the neck look longer and leaner as it skims around the face and neck. Best of all, it draws attention to the décolletage and collar bone area, where the haircut finishes, which is why so many celebs wear this cut with off-the-shoulder red carpet dresses."

Maya Rudolph

Maya Rudolph has the cascading curls lob nailed with this popular look

"Although the lob is a low maintenance style for day-to-day styling, don’t neglect it! Make sure you book for a regular trim or your lob risks becoming a frumpy shoulder-resting-bob or “sob” and you will lose the versatility that the style offers. To maintain your lob perfectly, keep your haircuts booked in every 6-8 weeks."

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Emma Stone

Emma Stone looks stunning with this ultra-long lob with gentle waves

He adds: "There is very little that you cannot throw at this style - from the wet-look a-la-Kardashians to Hollywood glam waves worn by Emma Stone. The only thing to avoid is make the style look too stiff as you lose the sexy movement in the cut, so avoid over back-combing or applying stiff hairspray."

Tao Okamoto

Tao Okamoto's choppy lob is gorgeous and gives her a fun edgy look

Looks we want to copy immediately


Bella Hadid

We love this power bob complete with a full fringe and an all-one-length cut. She should definitely be wearing shoulder pads for this look, don't you think?

Hailey Baldwin

Hailey is rocking the same style as Bella. It's blunt, it's a statement but she wears it with a middle parting, proving that even if you don't have a face shape that suits a fringe à la Ms Hadid you can still rock the look. We love how both these women have had their hair blow dried inwards at the end, lending a shape and movement to the overall look. 

Olivia Culpo

Is there a beauty look Olivia Culpo can't do? We're yet to find out but this is undoubtely one of our favourites of hers. Flirty, feminine and utterly chic, it's glossy yet low-maintence, styled yet undone. The best big? It's also very easy to recreate at home - just get those curling tongs at the ready. 

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski's bob is one of our favourites for many reasons. First off we love the poker straight look, we love that it's A-line and we love the slightly rounded-shape of the blowdry meaning her face is beautifully framed.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez offers an incredible bob-alternative what with her slicked back side parting and wet-look straight tresses. High fashion and fabulous.

Queen Letizia

Low-key and ultra glossy, Queen Letizia's bob is the perfect hairstyle for those that want to look polished but not have to do much. Blow dry it, add a little product, get it regularly trimmed and you won't have to worry about any more upkeep.

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