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So, 'toasted coconut hair' is taking over your Instagram feed and I'm loving it

The perfect shade for blondes

Toasted coconut… sounds divine. It really does, and I could eat it in all of its different variations – I'm thinking cake, ice cream, sprinkled on top of a doughnut… God I'm hungry. Anyway, while it most definitely sounds like an edible term, 'toasted coconut' has actually been popping up on our beauty radar of late and it refers to a new hair colour trend that seems to be the next big thing on Instagram.

toasted coconut hair

The name 'toasted coconut' was coined by Kahluh Stewart, the ownder of Elysian Studio in Georgia. She revealed: "We were joking around what to call it, we called it a burnt marshmallow, a crispy snowflake, and landed with toasted coconut."

The shade falls into the 'bronde' (blonde/brunette) category of colours but instead of blending brown and blonde tones throughout the hair, it's more about a transition effect from root to tip – think dark-as-you-like roots melting into platinum blonde ends.

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"Toasted coconut differs from the bronde trend because it's less about warm, caramel tones and more about light, ashy blondes and highlights," says Zoe Irwin, Wella Professionals Colour Trend Expert. "It's a great way to add dimension to the colour ready for winter - intertwining a deeper richer tone throughout allows you to brighten the blonde but add vitality back into the hair to complement the textures we will be wearing this Autumn/Winter."

alex approved first image

This look is a good option if your natural hair colour is brunette because you already own the dark roots – natural blondes may struggle to recreate this. But the best part? It's a fairly low-maintenance style. "Up keep simply needs to focus on the blonde being clear and pale," says Zoe. "Use purple-toned shampoos and treatments to erase any yellow or brassiness.

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"You don't really need to worry about the regrowth – it's natural and there's little concern about dark roots as this is actually the feature of the look. If you want to refresh the colour, book in a salon appointment to tone and gloss."

I'm naturally very fair so unfortunately I won't be able to recreate this look, but it's such a good idea for someone with darker hair – give it a go and let me know, yeah?! #toastedcoconut

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