Health: Is there a link between wifi and autism?

Former model Emma Noble has revealed that Harrison, her child with former prime minister's son James Major, has autism. A study published in the Journal Of The Australasian College Of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine claims to 'prove' a link between autism and the electro-magnetic fields (EMF) created by mobile phones and wifi technology.


Authors Dr George Carlo and Tamara Mariea performed tests on 23 children with autism to detoxify their systems of heavy metals such as aluminium and mercury that have been reported to be linked to autism. They recorded greater amounts of the heavy metals eliminated by the children when their exposure to EMF was 'mitigated' (reduced as far as possible), with improvements in behaviour also reported by the children's parents.


The Mobile Operators Association, however, dismisses the claims. "Independent scientific review bodies have consistently concluded that the weight of scientific evidence suggests exposure to radio waves from mobile phone handsets and base stations operating within international guidelines does not cause adverse health effects," says a spokesperson.