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TOWIE girls chat bikini bodies with HELLO! Online

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Before heading to Marbella to film scenes for their hit reality TV show, the TOWIE girls stepped up the effort to get their fabulous bodies in shape. HELLO! Online chats to Ferne McCann, Chloe Simms, Jess Wright and sisters Billie and Sam Faiers about how they get their figures ready for holiday, and what you'll find in their make-up bags and wardrobes this summer.

What do you do to stay in shape? Billie: I'm doing this new diet called DNA Fitness where I have a swab taken of my DNA and it gives me a list of results which guide what I should be eating and what exercises I should be doing – all tailored to my body! So I eat lots of vegetables and chicken and drink lots of water, go power walking and tone in the gym. Ferne: I'm lucky because I still live with my mum and she cooks beautifully. She is into clean foods that taste amazing. I always have a carb free breakfast full of protein and a balanced dinner. For lunch I have something substantial like a sandwich. I rarely snack and that helps. And I love running with my mum. She is my motivation because at 53 she looks better than me! Sam: Now it’s the summer months I tend to exercise and eat healthily. It's not quite the same in the winter when it’s cold and I like a hot meal. Chloe: I watch what I eat but not religiously. I'm naughty eating chocolate and crisps, but I do really enjoy healthy foods such as fish, salads, vegetables and sushi so that's a bonus. I do exercise but not routinely right now. Being a mum keeps me busy! Jess: I go to the gym four times a week, drink lots of water and steer away from white bread and pasta.

 Do you up your diet and exercise regime before a holiday? Billie: Yes, definitely, then I can eat and drink what I want when I'm away. Sam: One hundred percent! I usually do a two week diet beforehand and try to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. Ferne: Holidays are all about eating out every night, so I always up my regime before and eat less bloating foods.

 What special bikini body tips can you share? Billie: Drink lots of water, and do lots of squats and crunches. Sam: And avoid fizzy drinks! Ferne: On a girlie holiday I only drink gin, vodka or champagne and not wine as it bloats me and I want a flat stomach in the morning when I go to put my bikini on. I also wear bikinis that flatter my shape and never wear monokinis. A tip would be to wear something that you feel sexy and confident in, then you'll look amazing no matter what. Jess: If you're only going for a short trip, wear fake tan so you can relax and know you'll look great on the first day. Chloe: I use my tanning range Starship Tan by Chloe Simms.

Do you feel added pressure to look good when you're in the public eye? Sam: Yes, of course. I have natural curves so I will never be stick thin, but when getting photographed I’d rather look good! Ferne: No, I really don't care! Chloe: Sometimes being in the public eye actually boosts your confidence because you get a lot of support from fans. Billie: You just have to be confident in your own skin and wear clothes that suit your shape.

What are your beauty essentials this summer? Billie: Origins skin care — I love their ginzing eye cream. I also use Dove body moisturiser, MAC lip balm, MAC body shimmer, and Moroccan oil to protect my hair. Sam: At the minute I love Sleek 'Barely There' lipstick which is a great colour for all looks. Ferne: Hawaiian Tropic sun screen that smells amazing. And Gold Deposit by MAC to bronze my cheeks. Chloe: A good exfoliating mitt and a good body moisturiser. I like Nivea as it's really thick and creamy. I also use E45 cream on my face. Apparently it's as good as the designer creams and works for me. Jess: Rimmel Sun Shimmer is great when you want an all-over tan.

What are your fashion must-haves this season, and your favourite type of bikini? Jess: Victoria Secret's bandeau and frill bottoms, or a monokini. Billie: My favourite bikini type is an underwire, halter neck with string bikini bottoms. Miss Mandalay and Freya are a couple of my favourite bikini brands. My fashion must-have is my Miu Miu black, gold and cork wedges. They're so comfortable and go with everything. Chloe: I'm into neon this summer and colour clashes — yellows, pinks, reds. A big bag and matching sandals are essentials, with big shades. I love bikinis that tie up at the sides, so you can adjust them to fit you. I also love strapless tops to prevent lines. Sam: Floral and pastel coloured jeans from Minnies Boutique. And bandeau bikinis for the least tan lines possible. Ferne: A pair of Havaianas and a comfortable pair of wedges. And I love a classic black bikini. It looks great with a tan, is classy and preferably push up.

And lastly, who is your celebrity idol? Jess: Rihanna. She's sexy, beautiful and so talented and doesn’t care what other people think. Chloe: Kim Kardashian. Billie: Beyoncé. Sam: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. I once tweeted her and she followed me — I was star struck!

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