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The truth about the health benefits of protein

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Protein is an essential nutrient that is largely responsible for giving us all great skin, hair, nails and toned bodies. It is also a vital component of the muscle-building process as it builds and repairs muscle tissue.

Sharmina Davis, an expert ambassador for new MaxiNutrition Sculptress, take a look at the benefits of protein and why you should be including more of it in your diet…

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Eating lean protein is key when working out

The more active you are, the more protein you need

When we exercise, muscle tissue is broken down, but protein helps repair the damage. Try eating foods including eggs or chicken almost immediately after a workout.

It helps to increase satiety and decrease hunger

Protein is harder for the body to digest, so not only do we burn more calories trying to process protein than carbohydrates, but we feel fuller for longer.

Eating protein for breakfast reportedly helps with weight loss

Scientists say that eating eggs for breakfast is not only key for optimal brain functioning, but reduces the drive to snack on unhealthy snacks throughout the day.

It improves bone density

High protein intake can increase bone density and decrease the risk of osteoporosis, which causes bones to become brittle and fragile.

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Lentils, nuts, eggs and chicken are all good sources of protein

It will help you sleep better

Because proteins help our chemical balances, they enable us to feel energised during the day, but sleepy and well-rested at night.

It can help to reduce cravings

Protein plays a key role in balancing blood sugar levels, which can dramatically help to stop cravings. If you do want to snack, try nuts and lentils for a healthy alternative.

Eat the right proteins

Some protein rich foods such as fatty steaks and processed meats are high in saturated fat which can raise cholesterol. Instead, opt for lean chicken, eggs, fish and low fat dairy.

How much protein should we be eating a day?

The recommended daily intake of a sedentary women is 46 grams per day. However, the general advice for active women exercising 3-5 times a week is 1g of protein per kilogram of body weight (a 60kg women would be recommended 60g of protein per day).

Good Sources of protein include:

  • - Chicken breast (25-30g)
  • - Salmon/Cod fillet (20-25g)
  • - Egg (7g)- Lean Beef Steak (30g)
  • - Handful of nuts (5g)
  • - Lentils (9g)
  • - Cottage Cheese (11g)
  • - Greek Yogurt (10g)
  • - Quinoa (14g)

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