How to actually concentrate at work while everyone talks about the election result

The Tories have lost their majority, Corbyn has done much better than expected and we still have to go about our normal day. How?

The country has been left feeling pretty shocked, as we head towards a hung parliament after the snap election. No political party has emerged with an overall majority, and all eyes are now on what Prime Minister Theresa May will do next. Having a normal day at work may be proving pretty difficult – as you've probably noticed, the results are ALL anyone is talking about. So, here are some things you can do to try and keep your concentration levels as high as possible and actually achieve some work.

Go and get some fresh air

It may sound pretty obvious, but many people are guilty of staying in the office all day without taking a break . With so many distractions today, it’s more important than ever that you take time out to just stroll around the block and have a break from everything. Of course, during this walk you may just be thinking about the election, but at least you’ll return to work with a clearer mind.

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Do some meditation

We’re not suggesting you lie down in savasana pose and freak out the office… but, if you have a desk job for example, sit for a few minutes in your chair and do some deep breaths. Be mindful of how your body feels, close your eyes and do a few 10-count breaths. Hold for a second as you relax into the feeling of the “in’” breath. Now breathe out to a count of six. Ahhhh…doesn’t that feel better?

Eat foods that will keep you alert

Basically, avoid sugary foods as much as possible. Go for brain foods for your lunch, to avoid a mid-afternoon slump when election thoughts may take over – blueberries, salmon, bananas, spinach and eggs will fuel your concentration. If you are craving a sweet treat, dark chocolate will perk you up nicely.

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Put your phone on silent for a while

On top of the distraction of your co-workers debating the election result, you've likely also got friends and family texting you their thoughts and opinions on the matter. If you're prone to checking your phone too much at your desk, just turn it face down and avoid temptation for a while. You'll feel better for it, promise.

Listen to some music

Many people find they feel motivated with their headphones in. Obviously be selective with this…go for some relaxing music with no words maybe, and see if it gets you feeling focused.

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Motivate yourself by making a list of what you need to get done

Lists can be a good way of keeping focused at work on a normal day, never mind a day when it’s probably going to be easier to lose concentration. It will help you prioritise, and you know you’ll get a sense of achievement when you can tick "to-do's" off your list.

Work in blocks

If you're honest with yourself, there's probably no way you're going to go the whole day without wanting to check what's happening. Has Theresa May resigned? What's Jeremy Corbyn said? What funny tweets are going viral? So, schedule distractions in – tell yourself that, after a chunk of hard work, you can check Twitter and Facebook as a reward. But, control how long you spend scrolling – it can be all too easy to get carried away checking out funny memes about politicians…