This woman credits 8 stone weightloss to this ONE simple change

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Losing weight can often seem like a completely unattainable goal, what with the stresses and strains of everyday life taking their toll. Trying to uphaul your whole lifestyle can seem too intimidating but it doesn't have to be this way. In fact, what often helps to give you the confidence to start slimming is seeking advice from others who've done it in a healthy and steady way themselves so you can see how you can do it yourself.

One woman doing just this is Reddit user LDNurseMama who took to the site to share her amazing weight loss journey for others in need of some encouragement. She lost a staggering 7 stone and 9 pounds in just under a year. How? Well, a combination of diet change and exercise.

She started gently and then increased her commitment to her weight goal when she felt more able to. “I started with just tracking my calories closely with my fitness pal, weighing my food, and being really active," she said.

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“Then I went to an actual weight loss clinic to meet with nutritionists and doctors to help me plan for the long term weight loss and maintenance.”

Writing candidly about what she found most difficult, she said: “The food portions were the hardest for me, tracking everything in my fitness pal really put things into perspective for me.

“I weighed my food for a while too until I had a good grip on what my portions should be. It’s hard but worth it."

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Sharing that using a calorie counting app really helped her stay focused on her weight loss journey, LDNurseMama said it gave her a better understanding of what and how much she was actually eating. She also revealed that it allowed her to steadily lose 2 pounds a week.

Since slimming down, she has revealed she no longer tracks her food as she is now familiar with correct portion sizes. “Now I watch what I eat still, eat healthy foods in smaller portions and stay active.”

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Hats off to her.