Killing Eve's Jodie Comer reveals she's "always worried" about her weight

The 26-year-old opened up to the show's creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge

Since Killing Eve aired last year Jodie Comer has quite simply exploded onto the scene. Despite playing a psychopathic killer, the Liverpool native has garnered fans around the world thanks to her role as the evil but ever-glamorous Villanelle. Now, as Killing Eve returns to the USA (there's no exact UK air date currently!), she's candidly opened up in a refreshingly new interview with ELLE Magazine about how she's struggled with her body image and being in the public eye. 

Unusual for a celebrity to air their vulnerabilities so honestly, it perhaps helped that the star was interviewed by Killing Eve's creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Jodie, who started acting as a teen and had starring roles in the likes of Doctor Foster, admitted she's "always worried" about her weight. 

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She said: "Growing up as a teen, I always struggled with my weight and body image. Always worrying about the way you look or your weight for certain roles – that has always been a big insecurity of mine. 

"A big thing is trying to accept that, with acting, the reason for getting a part or not getting part isn’t always about your talent or how talented people think you are; a lot of it is about your looks."

However the 26-year-old has adopted certain techniques to help her with this. "What I’m trying to do – and I feel like I’m succeeding a little bit in – is to be accepting of the fact that… I always put a stress on myself having to look a certain way, when you are who you are. 

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"Your ability to act, or whatever your job is, is worth so much more than how you look." 

We couldn't agree more.