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10 of the best Instagram accounts to follow for positivity & kindness

These 10 female Instagrammers are so inspiring

iwd insta
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jada sezer© Photo: Instagram

Feeling inspired after International Women's Day? Fancy updating your daily Insta scroll? We've got just the thing...

Spearheading their own personal brand of feminism, these female Instagrammers are using social media to spread body and mental positivity, establish support networks and campaign for political change on issues affecting women around the world. Gracing our feeds with messages of female empowerment and social change, we can’t get enough of these awe-inspiring Instagrammers - find out who you need to be following...

Jada Sezer

Jada Sezer is a Young Minds ambassador and plus-size model with an MA in Child Psychotherapy. All about body positivity, she is using her Instagram account to encourage women to love themselves and feel good about their bodies.

Follow Jada on Instagram @jadasezer 

ellie jones© Photo: Instagram

Ellen Jones

Ellen Jones is a campaigner, speaker and writer with a focus on LGBTQ+ rights, mental health and disability. Named Stonewall’s Young Campaigner of the Year in 2017, Ellen is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Gracing our Instagram feeds with positive messages, Ellen is open and honest, often revealing her struggles with mental health and autism.

Follow Ellen on Instagram @ellen__jones

sofie hagen© Photo: Instagram

Sofie Hagen

Sofie Hagen is an award-winning comedian, author and fat acceptance campaigner. Posting extremely relatable content, Sofie is determined to stop fat-shaming and change negative misconceptions and conversations about weight.

Follow Sofie on Instagram @sofiehagendk

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dr anita© Photo: Instagram

Dr Anita Mitra

Dr Anita gets straight down to the point. A gynaecologist and author of ‘The Gynae Geek’, Anita uses her platform to dispel myths about women’s health. Making complicated medical details relatable, particularly when it comes to periods, contraception, hormones, and her own life as a medical professional, Dr Anita will quickly become your new best friend.

Follow Dr Anita on Instagram @gynaegeek 

gabi instagram© Photo: Instagram

Gabi Abrão, @sighswoon 

Gabi Abrão is the queen of wellbeing memes. Making her followers smile and laugh out loud, Gabi uses funny images and art to encourage people to practice self-care. They say laughter is the best medicine...

Follow Gabi on Instagram @sighswoon 

kelly ruck© Photo: Instagram

Kelly Ruck

Kelly Ruck is a proud mum-of-three and run-aholic who suffers from Type 1 diabetes. Since giving birth to her children, Kelly’s been on a mission to inspire mums around the UK with her postpartum running journey. Posting relatable content about her life as a mum as well as all of the beautiful locations where she’s gone running, Kelly’s Instagram is a must-follow for any parent in search of a helping hand.

Follow Kelly on Instagram @kellogs_ontherun 

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liv purvis© Photo: Instagram

Liv Purvis

London blogger, author and founder of the @theinsecuregirlsclub- a space she created for women to embrace their vulnerabilities and empower themselves - Liv Purvis is encouraging women to wear their “insecurities on their sleeves.” Sharing stories of resilience and strength, as well as inspiring quotes to empower her female followers, Liv’s content is a welcome addition to our Instagram feeds.

Follow Liv on Instagram @livpurvis 

asma insa© Photo: Instagram

Asma Elbadawi

Working to reframe stereotypes in sport, Asma Elbadawi is an award-winning spoken word poet and basketball player who successfully campaigned the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) to allow women to wear hijabs. A positive force for social change, Asma’s Instagram account is reframing the narrative, shining a light on misconceptions about women in sport - and we’re here for it

Follow Asma on Instagram @asmaelbadawi

laura jackson© Photo: Instagram

Laura Jackson

A student from the University of Essex and founder of the Januhairy campaign, Laura Jackson’s Instagram is all about body hair. Aiming to liberate young women and help them to feel comfortable and confident about having body hair, Laura originally started the campaign after she experienced the taboo that came with growing her body hair for a performance.

Follow Laura on Instagram @januhairy 

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chante insta© Photo: Instagram

Chanté Joseph

Combining her two passions - politics and pole dance - Chanté Joseph’s Instagram is a breath of fresh air. A co-founder of the Black Theatre Club, which aims to help widen access and increase discussion around plays exploring the black experience, Chanté is truly inspirational.

Follow Chanté on Instagram @chantayyjayy

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