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Dua Lipa calls for an end to online trolling and says that we all need to be nicer to one another

HELLO!'s Body Work columnist Alex Light couldn't agree more...

dua lipa
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Dua Lipa just spoke for the entire world when she urged us to "be nicer to one another" online.I don't know about you, but I see some really vile things online – things people not only wouldn't dare to say to someone's face, but probably wouldn't want to say to someone's face. Somehow, being behind a computer/phone screen takes away empathy and encourages anonymous nastiness… Nastiness that singer Dua often finds herself on the receiving end of. "Some days I don't read into the comments," she told BBC Breakfast. "Some days maybe I feel a little bit more vulnerable and I dive in and I almost go looking for things I don't want to see."

dua lipa

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"I feel like that's something we should all do, we should share positivity and encourage kindness and protect our fans and ourselves – just be nicer to one another. I feel like we'd all have a much better experience on social media if that was the case. "She finished off with a poignant message: "You can't change everyone's mind on that and some people use it as a form of release, in whatever way that may be – sometimes at the expense of others. But it's baby steps. Hopefully, we can try and make it a much safer experience for everyone. "Hear, hear! I just wish she'd written that on Instagram or Twitter so I could go 'like' it.

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