Ben Shepard shares glimpse at his intense physio sessions

The star ruptured his ACL

Ben Shephard is recovering from a particularly nasty injury, after the Good Morning Britain presenter ruptured his anterior cruciate ligament (ACL).

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The star has been keeping his fans updated on his condition, and on Friday he shared with them a glimpse inside his physio session.

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Working with physiotherapist Mo, Ben was hooked up a device that stimulated his muscles while he attempted to get his knee to extend straight.

"Trying to stimulate the quad – and force the knee to extend straight – Mo likes to hurt me," he explained.

The presenter's voice was audibly strained as he informed fans he was trying to get the "stimulation in the quad".

But he had a positive update at the end of the session, as he wrote: "That final degree means I got the leg straight. Can't believe the effort just to straighten the leg."

He added the weary face, flame and flexing arm emojis to show his pride, and some pain, at his achievement.

The star showed off his intense physio session

Mo was very pleased for Ben as he confirmed, with the use of a protractor, that the presenter had fully straightened his leg.

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Ben recently returned to work in the GMB studios for the first time since his injury, and he told co-host Susanna Reid that he thought the main "victim" from his accident was his wife, Annie.

Discussing his recovery, Ben thanked everyone for their messages of support before asking them to send some love to his wife.

"If it's at all possible, could you send some of that love to my wife? Because she’s the one who's really struggling," he told viewers, to which, Susanna joked: "I know, let's think of the real victim here."

Ben and Annie have been married since March 2004, and together they share two sons, Sam, 16, and 14-year-old Jack.

The star asked fans to support his wife

Of his injury, Ben explained: "If you're not aware - and I've done my best to try and tell as many people as possible - this knee here, my right knee, I ruptured the ACL.

"I tore the meniscus and did various other things trying to pretend that I'm still only a 25-year-old. Sadly, I'm not. So, I've had an operation to repair it all."

He added: "It was only when I explained it to Hillary and we were on air and he said, 'Oh yeah well what the ACL does, it connects the bottom part of the leg to the top otherwise it just flops about a bit' it all made sense."

As a photo of his leg appeared in the background, the TV star continued: "It'll be two weeks tomorrow post-operation… That was me exactly just before the operation."

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