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Louise Redknapp's PT Bradley Simmonds unveils the ultimate workout

Bradley Simmonds has trained with the likes of Louise Redknapp and Maya Jama…

bradley simmonds
Grace Lindsay
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With Christmas slowly approaching, many of us are thinking about how we can up our exercise game before the festivities commence.

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Luckily, celebrity trainer and fitness influencer Bradley Simmonds has just released his new app, Get It Done, which has everything you need to achieve your fitness goals.

Bradley has helped keep thousands of people in shape during lockdown with his hugely popular online platform, and we sat down with the man of the moment to talk all about his new venture, as well as how he helps keep his celebrity clients like Louise Redknapp and Maya Jama in shape, check it out below…

bradley simmonds trainer

Bradley Simmonds spoke exclusively to HELLO! about his new fitness app

What's the idea behind your new app, Get It Done?

It was originally an [online] platform and now we've invested heavily to make it into an app, which is great! We've already got thousands of people subscribed to the platform from lockdown and now we are turning it into an app so people can do the routine anywhere they want whether it’s the gym, at home or in the park, they can bring the app with them anywhere they go and they can train with me and my other trainers. So, no excuses!

What made you fall in love with fitness?

From a very young age I loved playing football. I signed with Chelsea Academy at the age of seven all the way up to 16 and then I signed professionally for Queen's Park Rangers, so I've always loved fitness. Sports day was my favourite day of the year at school, all I wanted to do was play sport and play football, so if I wasn’t to become a footballer, I was either going to be a P.E. teacher, football coach or personal trainer. Luckily for me I went down the personal trainer route and it's been brilliant. I couldn’t sit at a desk, no way, sports or fitness!

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You've had a lot of celebrity clients, one being Louise Redknapp, what does her workout routine look like?

When me and Louise were training really hard, we were training three to four times a week. She loved boxing, she loved high-intensity stuff and she loved finishing her workout with some core. She loved a good full-body workout, getting that sweat out and getting those endorphins after the workout. All my celebrity clients and current clients, they love full-body workouts, which is my style of training. Some just want to focus on strength training so I can adapt to anyone, but the majority of people like getting a good sweat on and feeling pumped up after their workout.

louise redknapp© Photo: Getty Images

Bradley Simmonds trained with Louise Redknapp three to four times a week

Louise looks great in her 40s, do you adapt your fitness routine for clients of different ages?

Not different ages, different fitness levels. Some people in their 40s and 50s are fitter than people in their 20s. It's all about the individual, how fit they are, how athletic they are, how sporty they are, and then I can adapt it from there. If someone in their 40s hasn’t exercised before then I take it really slow, start from the beginning, but that might be exactly the same for a 20-year-old. Louise, she was a previous dancer, boxing wise she had great technique, so she was actually a joy to train, we didn’t have to go through the basics. It was just to maintain healthy fitness levels, keep her in a healthy routine, and of course, it is great for your mental health. Any sort of training is good for your mental health.

You also trained with Maya Jama, what did her fitness routine look like?

It was quite similar to Louise's [routine], but we did a lot more strength with Maya. She wanted to grow her bum, she wanted to have more of a toned and peachy bum, so we did a lot more strength, but we definitely finished the sessions off with some boxing and she loved doing that and getting a good sweat on. Maya, I used to train three to four times a week and obviously she is in great shape. Because of COVID I haven’t been training my clients for a while so hopefully I will get back into that.

bradley simmonds trainer 1

Bradley adapts his fitness routines to clients of all different levels

Did you find it hard to stay motivated during lockdown?

I think because so many people relied on me and my workouts to keep fit and to keep them in shape lockdown went super quick for me, it flew by because I was so busy. I was doing two workouts a day, one HIIT workout in the morning and one strength [workout] in the evening, so I was completely flat out. I had such a buzz because I grew one hundred thousand followers over that lockdown period and had five to six thousand people joining my live workouts a day, so it was brilliant. I was always motivated because I knew there were so many people waiting on their laptops or on their phones for me to turn up at eight o clock in the morning, so it wasn’t a problem for me. Don’t get me wrong, I was exhausted by the end of it, but it was totally worth it, and I raised so much money for charity.

Could your app help beginners looking to start their fitness journey?

Our app could definitely help beginners. We have a yoga and pilates section that can help you build a routine, and then we have a 20-minute section where people can do short workouts which are nice and simple to follow. They are still quite high intensity but that’s what you want, you want a good workout and once you get into that rhythm you can slowly work towards advanced workouts with myself and my other coach Anton, who is a boxing coach. If you are a beginner, definitely give it a go, we have a five-day free trial so you can see if it's for you. We are going to be bringing on a beginners guide very shortly. It's going to be very slow, very controlled and ideally for people that probably have never squatted or lunged in their life, so that will be coming soon to the app.

Get It Done is currently available online at and via app on iOS, Android & Apple TV. Subscriptions start at £22 per month.

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