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'My tears stopped instantly when I tried this 20-minute trick'

Life coach Hattie MacAndrews is on a mission to cure her heartbreak – and was surprised to find something that really worked

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Melanie Macleod
Wellness Editor
2 March 2023
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From soothing baths and calming walks to listening to music and sweating it out in the gym, everyone has their own unique way to help them heal heartbreak – but when you're in the depths of despair, it can be hard to know what will work for you.

"There's a lot of noise out there in the wellness industry, with an abundance of treatments, therapies and professionals on offer, all promising to boost our general wellbeing and in turn make us happier. But what really works and how do you know where to start?" questions life coach Hattie MacAndrews.

Following a sudden, painful break-up, Hattie set out on a mission to cut through the noise and find out what really works when it comes to finding happiness.

In her new column for HELLO!, Hattie set about exploring everything and anything she could to support her happiness post-break-up, with some seriously interesting findings.

Life coach Hattie MacAndrews wearing black and white dress

Hattie MacAndrews is trying out different approaches to happiness

Can acupuncture help cure heartbreak?

Loved by Meghan Markle, who said it cured her migraines, acupuncture is said to help us feel calmer and manage stress, as well as regulate emotions, increase energy and ease body pain.

That's not all though, it's said to decrease inflammation, soothe migraines, and ease anxiety and signs of depression. Acupuncture is also said to help us handle grief and heartbreak, which is what Hattie was hoping for when she tried Five Elements Acupuncture.

acupuncture being performed© Photo: Getty Images

Can acupuncture help with heartbreak?

"Five Elements is an ancient form of acupuncture, based on the principle that there are five universal elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) that affect our emotions, personality and health," Hattie says.

"The idea is that your practitioner evaluates what your individual make-up is, and then devises a bespoke treatment plan based on that. During your initial consultation, you provide your practitioner with an overview of your health and lifestyle and the main reason that you're seeking treatment.

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"My first session took place days after a very sudden and painful breakup. I sobbed my way through the consultation and was searching for anything to help me with the shock and onslaught of painful emotions.

"The acupuncture points are believed to stimulate the central nervous system, with a view to 'balancing' out your energy so it can move freely through you again. When we experience stress/trauma/illness/inflammation, our energy can get blocked which will inevitably throw us off balance.

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'I lay down on the bed, as a tiny needle was inserted through various points on my skin until slowly it reached a point that I felt a dull ache, and then it was retracted. Some of the points are more painful than others, but overall it didn't feel like more than a minor discomfort. The needling took around 20 minutes, with the final 'point' being in my perineum, and strangely it was here that effect really kicked in.

"An incredible sense of calm washed over me, and my tears stopped almost immediately. I lay on the bed for a couple more minutes and I left the session in a completely different headspace. I felt calm and completely in control and it felt as if the shock had been taken away from me."

How quickly does acupuncture work and how long does it last?

"The heartbreak-easing effect lasted for a full two weeks before I went back for another session and the process was repeated.

"I have also been treated for fatigue, brain fog and inflammation in my body through five elements acupuncture – and each time I felt an instant shift during (or immediately after) the session.

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"In my experience, the results are instant and can have long-lasting effects if you maintain a course of treatment. After the initial sessions, you can see your practitioner every three to four months to sustain the benefits.

"I would recommend acupuncture for anyone looking to try an alternative route to better health and an increased sense of overall balance and energy. Often just feeling a little bit lighter and brighter frees up headspace for us to enjoy the things we love, creating space for happiness."

Looking for inspiration for finding your own happiness? Watch the video below...

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Hattie had her acupuncture at Sixth Element, find out more here

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