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Katy Perry shares unexpected physical reaction during American Idol - photo

The American Idol star joked that she'd used Web MD to diagnose herself after the surprise reaction  

Katy Perry outside with her hair tied up
Melanie Macleod
Melanie MacleodWellness Editor
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Katy Perry took to Instagram during American Idol on Monday night to share she was having an unexpected reaction to one of the performances on the show.

Posting a close-up video and photo of her legs, Katy's skin was covered in pronounced-looking goosebumps, with the Firework singer writing: "Diagnosed myself on web MD. It's just good sangin'," alongside a photo of a chicken, referring to the chicken skin appearance of the skin on her legs.

Katy Perry's leg covered in goosebumps© Instagram
Katy Perry got goosebumps during American Idol

Katy's caption explained that a performance on the show had caused her to break out in goosebumps because it was so moving, with many of her fans able to relate.

"That's a sign I get when I'm listening to a good singer! No lie," one commented, while another wrote: "It sure is! I've gotten those the entire season!!"

Katy Perry in a red two-piece outfit© Instagram
Katy Perry wore a racy red outfit for her latest American Idol appearance

This season of American Idol has been a fractious one for Katy, who left fans irritated after comments that were deemed to be 'mom-shaming.'

Fresh-faced contestant Sara Beth Liebe auditioned for the singing competition, and as she stood in front of the three judges, they were shocked to learn she was 25 rather than a teenager.

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Katy pretended to faint when Sara revealed she has three children and the pair exchanged comments. "If Katy lays on the table, I think I’m gonna pass out," Sara joked, and as you can see in the video below, Katy responded with a very divisive comment.

WATCH: Katy Perry makes divisive comment on American Idol

Her joke elicited backlash, and Sara took to TikTok to acknowledge the support she has received, admitting she thought the moment was "embarrassing" and "hurtful".

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"I also wanted to take this opportunity to say I see all of the young moms and just moms in general - keep loving your babies. Nobody deserves to feel crappy about that. I think that if you're a good mama and you love your babies, that's all that really matters. Other comments just don’t feel necessary," she said.

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