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Rochelle Humes opens up about mum-guilt: 'I'm so far removed'

Rochelle has been filling in for Holly Willoughby on This Morning

Rochelle Humes in a cream top on This Morning
Melanie Macleod
Wellness Editor
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Rochelle Humes is one of the busiest women in showbiz, juggling her This Morning presenting duties with writing children's books and looking after her My Little Coco range of skin and haircare products. Not to mention she's mother to three young children, Alaia-Mai, nine, Valentina Raine, six, and Blake Hampton, two.

HELLO!'s creative brand ambassador Rosie Nixon sat down with Rochelle on the In A Good Place podcast about how the 34-year-old stays in a good place with all the demands of her business and family life, the advice that she follows to stay happy, and what she would say to her younger self now.

Rochelle Humes on 'This Morning' TV show© Ken McKay/ITV/REX/Shutterstock
Rochelle Humes has a busy lifestyle

Rochelle, are you in a good place? 

"I have this thing where I like to get up before the kids do. I've been doing it for about a year now and it has changed my whole life.

"I get up and, whether I work out in that time or I just sit and have a cup of tea, I have an hour to myself before the chaos of the day starts. I really feel like that has changed my life. I feel like I hate that version of me that's very nagging and very rushed. I like the version of me a lot better when I've just had a little time for myself before the day begins."

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You look like the busiest woman in showbiz. Do you ever feel like it’s all too much?

"My best times are my busiest times. The times where I feel overwhelmed are when you’re trying to do right by everyone and then sometimes you might drop the ball.

"My times where I'm not in a good place are when I'm trying to take somewhat of a maternity leave, or where everything comes to a stop. My mum always says a busy brain is a happy brain and that really is me. Everybody's different, but being active is really good for me. I function better when I’m productive."

Rochelle and Marvin Humes' three children in spring clothes© Instagram
Rochelle and Marvin Humes share three children

You and Marvin seem to be this brilliant double-act when it comes to parenting. Are you ever at loggerheads?

"We really agree on our parenting style. We parent equally and we work equally. It's definitely a 50/50 split with everything, which is a partnership I've always wanted. I love that my kids adore me and I love that my kids adore him.

"But also, nine times out of ten, he does the school run a lot more than I do because I work days and he works nights. I like to do it when I can.

"I think we parent differently. I am the tougher cop towards the kids."

rochelle humes holiday
Rochelle and Marvin split parenting duties equally

What is the biggest thing you have learnt about motherhood in the past decade?

"Every mum is winging it! There are certain mums at the school that I think: 'They 'adult' really well!' I'll be the one that arrives a little late, coming from a shoot, or I forget that they need to be dressed as a pirate tomorrow and now I'm on Amazon Prime to see if I can get something on time.

"There's always that feeling of: 'I'm so far removed from this,' but at the same time, we're all trying to make it work."

Is there anything you know now that you would go back and tell your 23-year-old self?

"It would [mainly be to] go for [every opportunity]. At one point, you're going to have three kids, a husband, you're going to have a busy work schedule and you're not going to want to. You should just grab everything with both hands…

Mollie King, Frankie Sandford and Rochelle Humes looking glamorous© Getty
Rochelle Humes has been in the spotlight since a young age

"I feel like I sound like such a granny, but it's only now that I’m still on the side to appreciate it. Just do it. Do it all."

What is the one thing guaranteed to put you in a good place?

"Having all my favourite people under one roof. On Sunday, I had a roast dinner at home, as the day started coming to an end I started having anxiety about the next day.

"Having all my favourite people at home and just having a chill day in, where everyone's getting on nicely and we've got a film on. They are my favourite days that will always make me happy."

Listen to Rosie's In A Good Place podcast below

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