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The joy I find in putting my Christmas decorations up in November

In her new column for HELLO! Louise Pentland shares why putting her Christmas decorations up in November adds joy to her life

Split screen of a woman with her xmas decorations
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Could somebody pinch me, please? I’m tip-tapping on my laptop writing my first column for HELLO! Magazine and I feel like flinging my windows open wide and shouting to all my neighbours, 'Did you hear? I’m writing a column for HELLO! Magazine!'

Rest assured, I won’t though because, 1. I’m not sure Nigel next door would appreciate being yelled at whilst he potters in his greenhouse and 2. It’s pretty chilly to be flinging anything open. Hello November!

I’ll save all my jubilance for you, lovely readers, who have perhaps stumbled upon this article wondering who on Earth this over-excited woman is here on the HELLO! Magazine website!

Louise Pentland in front of a flower wall
Louise Pentland is HELLO!'s new columnist

Say HELLO! to our new columnist

An introduction! Hi, I’m Louise Pentland, so lovely to meet you. I started a written blog in 2009, thinking I would keep it low-key, a quiet place to write about house renovations, review beauty products and share bits of daily life but, to my surprise, the blog got big. Massive.

Thirty-five readers. Ha! After a few months, one of them suggested I film a YouTube video. I was writing about a trip to Lush (Snow Fairy lured me as much then as it does now) so I thought maybe talking about it would be easier and that one quick video on my blog would be a nice feature for my thirty-five-strong community.

Turns out that video did make a nice feature because thirteen years later, things have really, really escalated.

Louise's career so far

The blog turned into six (and counting) published books, that one video turned into thousands more with a few million online subscribers and opportunities in TV, radio, podcasts and projects with incredible brands and people (even the Royals!).

Through all of this, I’ve been honoured to have some wonderful experiences with HELLO!, including a dream photoshoot at home with my family (Liam, my soon-to-be husband, Darcy and Pearl my little and not-so-little girls), exclusively sharing my engagement news and some really wonderful afternoons being totally inspired by everyone involved in their Star Women Awards. It’s fair to say, HELLO! is dear to my heart and writing here feels very special.

Louise Pentland in front of a pink wall
Louise Pentland tries to find the joy in every day

HELLO! to cosy season

To add to that, I’m writing at my favourite time of year - cosy season. The pumpkins are composting (or shoved in the garage if you have fake ones like me), we’ve dug our big coats from the back of the wardrobes and, I’m going to get controversial… the Christmas decorations are up!

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Please, don’t click off just yet, let me explain.

I’ve had a rollercoaster life (lost my dear Mummy at seven, experienced domestic violence after that for eight years, ran off to a new city, married young, divorced, became a single mum and found true love on Tinder- this is all quite a story for another day) and I’ve learnt that life is for LIVING.

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If stringing up a few metres of fairy lights brings you immense joy - plug them in! If waiting 'til the twelfth night makes you feel good, I applaud heartily your self-restraint, and this is what I hope my column will be all about. Living.

Louise Pentland in front of Christmas tree
Louise already has her Christmas decorations up!

A place to discuss how we can live happily, making the most of the life we have. Whether that’s sharing a funny moment behind the scenes at a glitzy work event that I’ve not told anyone yet or a moment at home in my fluffy socks with my little girl, I’d like this to be the space for it.

two young girls in front of a Christmas tree
Christmas is Louise's favourite time of the year

I can’t wait to share all my tips and tricks for successfully living with a positive mindset and I think it might be fun to try a few new methods, all in the name of research and let you know how I get on - has anyone heard of the 5 am Club? Should I give that a go? Ha!

On top of that, next year I’ll be deep in wedding planning and I’m really nervous (more on why later!) but having a positive mindset is helping me overcome my past issues and fears here – I’d love a virtual girl gang to come along with me for that ride too.

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Before I sign off for this introductory post, I’d like to leave you with some homework. Please jot down three things this month that have bought you a little fizz of joy. When we focus on these moments, we are mindful. We are solidifying that acknowledgement of positivity. Very powerful and very, very good for the soul.

I’ll be back here next month with ALL the Christmas tips, party gossip and moments of happiness, but if you’d like to find me before then, I’m on all social media platforms as @LouisePentland.

Thank you for reading and see you soon my gorgeous gang! Xxx

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