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Margot Robbie on the beauty advice she'd give her younger self

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Margot Robbie has firmly established herself as a rising beauty icon in recent months, wowing her fans with her chic hair and make-up looks both on and off the red carpet. However, the Australian actress has recently admitted that she hasn't always had an eye for all things beauty, and made a few mistakes when she was a teenage.

margot robbie© Photo: Getty Images

Margot Robbie has revealed the beauty advice she would give her younger self

When asked what advice she would give her 16-year-old self, the 26-year-old immediately had an answer. "Wear less make-up, for sure," she told Vogue. "I remember hitting that age and thinking I needed to wear tons of make-up because I was old enough to wear it."

Nowadays, Margot favours a 'less is more' approach. "I think it’s a confidence thing, you have your mask on all the time," she explained. "As I've got older I've got more confident to wear less. Now I'll happily just go for dinner wearing tinted moisturiser."

margot robbie© Photo: Getty Images

The actress admitted she wore "tons of make-up" as a teenager

The Legend of Tarzan actress admitted that it was a fellow actress who inspired her to change her attitude towards make-up, when she told Margot she needed to ditch her products.

"It was an older friend of mine – Kelli Garner, she played my sister in Pan Am – who said one day when I was about 20, 'You wear too much make-up'," Margot said.


margot robbie© Photo: Getty Images

She has firmly established herself as a rising beauty icon 

She added: "She said, 'All the colours you’re putting on your face are already there. You have purple veins on your eyelids, that’s your eyeshadow. Your cheeks go really red when you’re warm or giggling, that's your blush. You have red lips...' I was so taken aback by that but I really took it on board and it's true."

The actress never fails to turn heads on the red carpet with her edgy looks. She recently floored her fans as she toured the world to promote Suicide Squad, in which she starred opposite Will Smith, opting for everything from vampy dark red lipsticks to boho chic braids.

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