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Are you brave enough to try pink ombre eyelashes this summer?

Prepare for strangers to stop you in the street

Leanne Bayley
Director of Lifestyle & Commerce
March 13, 2018
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Lately it's been all about eyebrows; from halo brows to glitter brows, quite frankly it's all getting slightly ridiculous and we're starting to think that the beauty world has gone a little cuckoo. So when we heard about ombre eyelashes, you can imagine how fast our eyes rolled back into our heads, thinking it was just another daft beauty trend. BUT then we saw the pictures of ombre lashes, and we're totally into them. Whether you want to call them mermaid lashes, rainbow lashes or ombre, these lash extensions could be a unique trend to try this summer. Don't believe us? Check out the pictures for proof.

ombre lashes© Photo: Instagram

Pretty in pink lashes

At first we thought the look was created with coloured mascara, but it turns out they're in fact eyelash extensions. Created by Joanna Keller in the Joanna Keller Boutique in Canada, this is a trend you can adopt if you want to have people ooh and ahh over your lashes. The overall look tends to be a ombre effect bright set of lashes with one individual lash giving a pop of colour.

ombre blue lashes© Photo: Instagram

Forget blue mascara when you can wear blue AND green

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One Instagram user was a fan of the look but gave a warning to anyone thinking of trying out the extensions. Pandora Star said: "I used to do this to my own lashes back in high school but stopped because of anxiety being triggered (people getting too close & always wanted to touch my face )."

ombre lashes red© Photo: Instagram

The lashes look super pretty from above

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At her boutique, Joanna also adds glitters and crystals to lashes which she thinks are perfect for special events or for festivals. Expect to see plenty of these at Coachella this year. If you're looking for a similar look here in the UK, try LashBase's Ombre Lashes. At just £14.99, you can pick your colour, curl and thickness.

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