Combat the common symptoms of morning sickness

For some it is nothing more than a temporary and minor inconvenience. Others find it completely debilitating.

Morning sickness is incredibly common amongst mothers-to-be but the intensity of its symptoms varies from woman to woman.

This week, the spotlight has been put firmly on this condition following the Duchess of Cambridge's pregnancy news.

It has been revealed that William's wife is suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum, an incredibly severe form of the condition, and is being treated at the King Edward VII hospital in London.

With that in mind, HELLO! Online caught up with leading expert and best selling author on baby food & nutrition, Annabel Karmel, to find out how the right foods can help relieve some of the symptoms of morning sickness. Here are her top tips:

-        Eat small meals every two hours or so that are based on starchy carbohydrates, which are slow-burning foods that prevent your blood sugar dipping and help ease nausea

-       Eating small amounts of food regularly is vital as having an empty stomach can often make nausea much worse

-       Ginger is a great remedy to nausea, and has long been an antidote to digestive ailments.  You can put fresh ginger in tea, or have ginger ale or ginger beer, you can also have ginger in food such as in a stir fry, sweetie or biscuit

-       Vitamin B6 has also been shown to help with symptoms of nausea. Good sources of this include meat, spinach and seeds

-       Avoid greasy and spicy foods, many people find that these can be difficult to digest.  Greasy or fatty food tends to stay in the stomach for longer

-       Don’t drink much with meals (but compensate by sipping drinks regularly between meals). This will help prevent you feeling as full at meals and help with nausea

-       Have a sip of a fizzy drink every few minutes when feeling nauseous (but don’t rely on this too often as fizzy drinks contain lots of sugar which are not good for your teeth)

-       Lots of sleep – try resting whenever possible

-       Acupressure wrist bands stimulate an acupressure point on your wrists, which can help relive nausea. These are available from local pharmacies

-       Don’t get up on an empty stomach. Having a plain biscuit and a warm drink before you get out of bed can help overcome morning sickness

For more information on eating during pregnancy, check out Annabel's website

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