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'It wasn't what I thought it would be': Michael Bublé opens up on becoming a father

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Michael Bublé has spoken about the "surreal" experience of becoming a first time father in an interview with ITV's Daybreak.

Looking back to the day his son Noah was born, the superstar singer told Richard Arnold, "It really wasn't what I thought it would be. "Everyone told me it would be this life-changing, massive, you know… but it was very surreal.

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"Until you do it, you don't know, and now I know that we'd love to have three or four more… a litter. "Michael, 38, and his wife Luisana Lopilato, 26, welcomed Noah in Vancouver on 27 August.And the Everything star also spoke about how he maintains his relationship with the Argentinian actress. "I think that marriage is hard. I think that love is hard," Michael confessed. "I think that you've always got to try. "In any relationship people fall in and out of love, you know. But it's just a matter of hoping that you don't fall out of love at the same time."

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Speaking about keeping in touch with Luisiana and Noah while he is on the road, he added, "Modern technology is a wonder; Skype, FaceTime, stuff like that keeps us connected…"I get to go to sleep and just look at him and at least it makes me feel like I'm connected in some way. "Despite his huge success, Michael Bublé also made the surprising confession that he feels a bit insecure about staying relevant in the music industry. "You go up and down and I feel like my career in some ways is on a down… the record business is not great, people aren’t selling the same amount of records, the economy is tough. "You know security-wise, I can be very secure or very insecure depending on what week you talk to me and I can feel like I'm up and down, I can feel like I'm very popular and trending upwards one week and the next I can feel like I'm holding on and scrapping to stay relevant."