Tori Spelling: 'I lied about how I lost my baby weight'

Tori Spelling has admitted she was less than honest when it came to talking about losing weight following the birth of her son Finn in August 2012.

The mum-of-four dropped 45 lbs after the arrival of her youngest child, and she told US Weekly she lost the weight through a combination of low-impact cardio, and a "healthy diet" of fish, vegetables and soups, and "sensible" snacks, including rice cakes, hummus and avocado.

But in her new book, Spelling It Like It Is, the 40-year-old actress said she lost the weight by eating very little — and said that her publicist told her not to be truthful about her strict dieting regime.


"My publicist had given me clear instructions about what to say about my weight loss," she explains in the book. "Women didn't want to know the I had lost the weight through dieting, not exercising…

"So I said that I swam. It was sort of a bad choice. I can't do much more than a doggy paddle."

In April, Tori was pictured showing off the results of her weight loss in a photoshoot with US Weekly, posing in a just a bikini.

She said at the time that her doctor had recommended she take up swimming. "It's good for the while body and low-impact because you're weightless," she said.


"So I started doing that in our pool in January. I don't count laps. I'll swim until I'm sore or play Marco Polo with the kids instead."

Asked whether she was also using an "extreme" diet to lose weight, Tori replied, "We call ourselves the foodie family — we love food! Dean (McDermott) is a cook, so even after my pregnancy, he would try new recipes and we'd have these fabulous gourmet meals. That was a hard thing to break.

"At one point I had to say to him, 'Please, you have to start cooking me steamed vegetables until I can get back on track!'" she added of her husband. "I stopped eating simple carbs, sugar, and sauces. And I mostly stopped drinking wine. I also eat a lot of sushi.

"There's no magic pill," she said. "But I have never once counted calories. I'm a big believer in eating healthy."