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Hurrah for Gin blogger Katie Kirby shares her top tips for starting a parenting blog

Chloe Best
Chloe BestLifestyle Features Editor
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With a hugely successful blog, book and close to 350,000 Facebook followers, it's safe to say that Katie Kirby knows a thing or two about blogging. We caught up with the mum-of-two, who shares her parenting experiences on Hurrah for Gin, to find out her top tips for anyone hoping to launch a blog of their own…

What made you start a blog?

"It was just a bit of a spur of a moment thing really. I was struggling to get back into work after having my second son so it's just something I thought I'd do to pass the time, keep my brain ticking over and I knew I wanted to make it about the real, honest side of parenting – the good, the bad, the happy and the sad. I couldn't find that much out there that reflected my experience so I thought I'd just start one up."

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When did you realise it was a huge success?

"It's been years now so it's only really the last year or so where it's been like, 'Ooh wow, this is actually becoming something.' I think you just start seeing people sharing and liking your page and commenting, recommending it to other people and then you think, 'Wow maybe I have hit on something.'"

What advice would you give to aspiring bloggers?

"Just get stuck in, there's no point overthinking it. I think my blog's changed massively since I first started and, just throw yourself in the deep end, see what works and what doesn't. Usually over the course of time your style evolves and you find out what works."

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Do you have a preferred social media platform?

"Facebook, definitely. I think it connects with most everyday mums. I think platforms like Twitter is more industry led, and Instagram is a bit more style led, and I think your everyday mum is on Facebook."

Do you get any moving comments from other mums?

"I get them all the time, it's really moving actually. Mostly they're comments from mums that say 'thank you for making me feel normal, thank you for making me feel less alone'. Mums tend to put a lot of pressure on themselves and when you look around it feels like people are doing a better job than you but that's not really the case. It's because most people post the lovely glossy moments on their Facebook pages, but we're all struggling."

How much gin do you really drink?

"Probably not as much as people expect. I do like a gin and tonic, but not every day!"

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