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Lucy Liu takes fans inside her home and her son's incredible nursery – see the photos

21 August 2017
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Actress Lucy Liu may have a lot on her plate what with her high-flying career and her son, Rockwell Lloyd, about to enter the terrible two's – but it hasn't stopped the Charlie's Angels' star from trying her hand at a little bit of interior design. With the help of One Kings Lane Studio designers, the 48-year-old has recently redesigned her home, incorporating soft surfaces, chic storage and unique vintage pieces, to create the perfect oasis for her and her son to enjoy.

Such an adaptable environment is perfect for Lucy's boy Rockwell, by whose growth the actress is continuously astounded. "I didn’t realise how quickly babies progress," she's said in one interview. "Very basic things that you just take for granted. They're just this little lump of flesh, and then all the sudden they're turning around, they're observing you and they're smiling and they're interacting. It's a magical experience."

Well, Rockwell will definitely have the chance to interact with his new surroundings… take a look through our gallery to see the pics of their new home!


Lucy Liu's home and her living room are a complete sanctuary with the powder blue seats, cream sofas, and Rockwell's sweet plush toys adding the finishing touches! The wall and mantelpiece adornments make the house personal and warm. The most perfectly symmetrical scene…


The living room is bursting with kitschy pieces – everything from the layered rugs to the decorative plates which adorn the walls alongside the strings of bunting, and the huge bauble light! Rockwell makes his stamp too with a big toy car reminiscent of Herbie, a kid's tent and a plush toy deer head.


The living room of dreams… the blue patterned stools go perfectly with the grey hues of the sofa seats and the cream of the tent and walls. Prints and paintings adorn the walls but look elegant together with the neutral tones of the room…


Another snap of the tent… a perfect paradise and escape for little Rockwell. Who needs camping when you can just have a make-shift campsite inside your own home? The canvas painting of a forest above the tent also adds to the camping spirit mood…


Rockwell's favourite toys – a giraffe, a puppy and an armadillo among others. A little toy car is also on hand for the little man to zoom around in as and when he wishes…


Rockwell will have no trouble organising his belongings with all this shelf space available for him! A magnet board will be the perfect toy for the little one to experiment with, and the roll of paper could hone some serious drawing skills!


Lucy Liu's son may only be two… but organisation comes from an early age! All the paintbrushes, markers and puzzle pieces he'll ever need will always be in place thanks to the neat stack shelf.


Learning never looked so fun! Building blocks, a globe, a dragon, and a toy car collection… what more could a boy want? We can definitely see Rockwell having a fun time with this.


Lucy relaxes in her newly redone surroundings…


Another snap of the living room by photographer Joe Schmelzer shows us the large, open shuttered window positioned just above a comfy looking sofa chair… The furry lamb in the corner is a fun and unique addition to the main family room.


A wooden mask positioned high on the wall goes perfectly with the cream hue of the lamp and the mismatched-yet-matched cushions… all effortlessly styled curtesy of Alyssa Lewis.


A selection of strange and wonderful things for the mantel piece… the letter 'R' featuring a scissor print, a golden hand, a round wooden box, a vintage looking camera… Another stuffed giraffe, this one doesn't look like it's for Rockwell to play with! And of course, a selection of books held up by some very cool bookstands.

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