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James and Ola Jordan open up about wanting baby number two 

Will baby Ella have a brother or sister one day?

james and ola
Emmy Griffiths
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James and Ola Jordan were over the moon when they welcomed their baby girl Ella, who is now over three months old, via IVF treatment. Still a tiny tot, their daughter is learning more and more about herself every day, and the pair are loving every moment. While the former Strictly pros certainly have their hands very much full being new parents at the moment, what does the future hold for the Jordan family? Find out what the couple had to say about potentially welcoming a second child in the future in this week's Strictly Parenting column for HELLO!...

While both James and Ola admit that baby number two is probably going to be a long way off, thanks to Ella still being very young, the lockdown situation has also given them pause. 

ola jordan ella

Ola with her daughter Ella

"Because of the lockdown and what is happening right now, I don't know [about baby number two]," Ola admits when asked about whether the pair want a second child. "I don't know what's going to happen so I'm trying not to think about it at the moment. We would love more children but that might not happen." 

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Speaking about their IVF experience, she adds: "We were very lucky with IVF that it happened for us first time. We would love to but we don't know. With everything that's happening, we don't know how it's going to work. And after all, Ella's still only three months."

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While playing with little Ella, James also opens up about the future. "We'll give it a little bit of time and see what happens with coronavirus first," he says. Chatting to Ella, he sweetly says: "We'll see if you have a little brother or sister, won't we?" 

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Speaking about getting pregnant again, Ola reveals that James' mum actually became pregnant with James very soon after giving birth to his older sister. Ola says: "James' mum told me that James' sister was four months old when she got pregnant with James. I can't imagine that! I've got to say, for Ella to be one month older and for me to find out I'm pregnant again, that would be a shock! For me, it would be a nice shock, but definitely a shock." 

baby ella

Ella is growing up fast

So how has little Ella been? The new parents have said that, due to her problems with reflux, their doctor has said that she can start eating baby food at four months, something that Ola is a little unsure about. "They say by the book it's supposed to be six months but the doctor said we can start it earlier," she explains. "I don't really know how I feel about it, we'll see how we get on really." 

She continues: "It might be exciting to try, and see what she likes and doesn't like. Hopefully she likes broccoli!" James adds: "It's because it's heavy food and it stays down more, but because she's drinking milk, that milk is just watery and it comes up. They also say when they start sitting up their stomach muscles and everything start working better so that will hopefully also stop the reflux.

"Today when we fed her she was sat in her bouncer and we were talking to each other, then we turned back to the baby and she'd thrown up all over herself, bless her. We do all of the right things, we kept her up for a long time, burped her, but she still threw up on herself!" 

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He continues: "It's not really getting better. Today was quite scary because she was coughing and choking again. I was patting her back trying to get her to cough it up but that's when it's scary because all babies throw up a bit here and there but when they're choking it does scare you." 

james jordan and ella

Ella is starting to roll over

However, the pair have had some good luck with their daughter's sleep pattern, as they were shocked when she recently slept through the whole night. "We had the most amazing night this week," James says. "We fed her at half-past seven and went to sleep and she woke up at about seven in the morning or around that time. She slept for 11 hours! That had never happened and we were like, 'Oh my God, that's amazing.'" 

However, Ola says she still woke up at random times as she is used to it now, and reveals how she hilariously found Ella after her big sleep. "I still wake up every time she moves," the proud mum says. "And this morning when she started stirring, we both looked over because she's right next to our bed, she's at a 90-degree angle to her cot and her head is on our bed and her legs and feet are on her bed!" James adds: "There's a little height difference so it really didn't look comfortable!" 

Find out more about James and Ola Jordan's parenting journey in next week's column. 

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