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James and Ola Jordan reveal heartache over Ola's parents not being able to meet baby Ella 

James and Ola Jordan have opened up about their daughter Ella in their latest parenting column for HELLO!

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While James and Ola Jordan are still very much following government guidelines regarding the coronavirus lockdown, Ola admits that, like most of the country, she is starting to struggle with staying in. "I'm over it!" She jokes. "I'm really good at home and I love my home - I'm a homey person - but just the last couple of days I've felt like I've had enough now. I want to get out and I want to see people! I'm feeling it now, and it's been a long time to be feeling good about it - but now I want to do some of the other things that we used to do." 

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baby ella

Ella still hasn't met her grandparents

The situation is made all the more difficult to accept as Ola's parents, who live in Poland, still haven't met their granddaughter Ella, who is now over three months old. "Ella hasn't really seen many people, and my dad cried the other day, he said he just wanted to hold her," Ola says. "I was FaceTiming my mum and dad and Ella was watching the phone. My dad was making all of these noises and speaking to her, and she was really smiling and moving and my poor dad just bursts into tears!" 

"Your mum was laughing at him," James adds fondly. "But at the end of the day, we wouldn't want to put them at risk on a plane." Ola agrees, adding: "The thing is, I don't know when it would be safe for them. I don't want to put them at risk. Even if everyone starts flying tomorrow, I'd still want them to wait." 

ola jordan and baby ella

Ella is now over three months old

Speaking about when the proud grandparents might finally meet Ella, James says: "I reckon she's going to be a year old when they meet Ella." Ola is less sure, saying: "I don't know, I would like to hope that they would come for Christmas but I don't know! No one knows. I don't know when I'm going to see them and it's really heartbreaking." 

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Since James has been able to go golfing since the courses have reopened, he admits that he thinks he has things a little easier than Ola at the moment. "The fact that I do have golf as an outlet, and I love golf and I'm passionate about it is probably why it's easier for me," he says. "I'm in the fresh air and see my friends at a distance." Ola jokes: "I'm going to take up golf just for something to do now! He sees people, different people to me and as much as I love him - I want to see other people too! I do like when he goes out to play golf and gives me a bit of peace and quiet. Me and Ella get on so well, we don't need him here all of the time."  

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That being said, James makes sure things are clean and tidy before he heads out for a round! He explains: "I do washing up and tidying around the house before I go out. When I go out to play golf I make sure I do things to make Ola happy, like clean the floors. Even if I haven't told her I'm going to play golf, I think she guesses because I'm doing all of this cleaning." Ola laughs, saying: "Yeah, he's clever like that!" 

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"It's definitely much easier for me because Ola has literally been stuck in the house," James continues. "We're not complaining, we have a garden which is nice, it's just the not seeing people." Ola adds: "You really appreciate what your family and friends mean to you when you don't see them. I would absolutely love to see my sister more, but she's a pharmacist and works there every day so she's around a lot of sick people who are coming into the pharmacy, so I don't want to put myself or Ella at any risk - but it's so hard not seeing her. I'm close to her so I'd usually see her quite often." 

ella jordan

Ella hasn't been able to meet many new people due to lockdown

Of course, little Ella has no clue how unusual things are at the moment, with her biggest concern being a persistent rash that James and Ola think might be from the warm weather. "Ella's good, she's a really good baby, but she's got a rash at the moment that I was quite worried about," James says. "It's all over her chest and neck. It looks like a heat rash but it's been there for nearly a week now. We sent pictures to the doctors who said, 'If she's comfortable and she doesn't have a temperature, there's nothing to worry about,' but you do worry when you can't take her to see someone. You want someone looking at her properly rather than at a picture." Ola adds: "But she's smiling, she's eating well, she seems fine." 

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Speaking of eating, the pair admit that they have to hide their food while sitting down for meals, since Ella gets jealous - adorable! James explains: "She starts getting food envy and dribbling which is weird when she's never had any food other than milk! She literally is watching every mouthful so you feel bad. We feed her before then we put her on the mat where she can't see us. It puts you off, you feel bad when she's really dribbling!"

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