Gemma Atkinson gets unexpected reaction when she tries dancing with baby Mia

The little tot had other ideas!

Gemma Atkinson and Gorka Marquez's daughter Mia has inherited their love of dance, but she had an unexpected response when her mum attempted to dance with her in a new video.

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The former Strictly Come Dancing finalist was grooving in her living room in a black top and jeans, as her dream garden took shape outside.

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WATCH: Gemma Atkinson gets surprise response when she tries dancing with baby Mia

And when baby Mia called out when her mum was dancing, the 36-year-old encouraged her daughter to join her.

Given that the youngster has joined both her mum and dad when they start busting moves on numerous occasions, Gemma was expecting her young girl to join in.

Mia did bop around a little, but then she made a surprise decision that left Gemma looking flabbergasted.

"Book," Mia called as she ran over to one that she'd left open. The presenter's initial surprise quickly turned to pride, as she said: "You want to read your book? Smart girl, absolutely, let's read."

Gemma's final video showed the tot happily reading Julia Donaldson's The Stick Man.

The star looked a little surprised by her daughter's response

The star is a first time mum, and she's turned to fans for advice on certain issues that she was uncertain of, including on the issue of passports.

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Gemma and fiancé Gorka are planning on travelling to Spain when restrictions allow, in order to allow the professional dancer to reunite with his family.

Taken aback that her daughter, who is nearly two, would have to use her passport from when she was a newborn baby, Gemma called on her parent friends to lend their advice.

She explained: "I'm just watching the news, I'm hopefully going to go to Spain towards the end of the year with Mia, it's just dawned on me though – she's a tiny baby on the passport!"

"She doesn't look anything like that now? Is it true I have to wait until she's five to renew it? She's genuinely a tiny bald baby on her passport."

Gemma is a doting mum to daughter Mia

The former Emmerdale actress also reached out to fans after she got nervous before Mia went for her first swimming lesson.

She confessed that she wasn't a "very strong swimmer" so it would be Gorka who would be joining Mia for her first time at the pool, while Gemma "sat poolside crying".

The mum was worried about being unable to comfort her daughter if she had a bad reaction, as she would sometimes cry when her hair was washed.

She was met with an outpouring of support from fellow parents who said she was making the "right decision" allowing the tot to take to the pool, with some noting that swimming is "an important life skill".

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